3 Reasons Inbound Marketing Works

There is little doubt that inbound marketing is a successful strategy that leads to conversion when employed well. More and more companies are accepting that great content is key to inbound success--but why does inbound marketing have such magnetic appeal?

How does Inbound Marketing work?

People don't want to be sold. 

How to be a better salesperson – Story Block MediaMost people balk at a sales pitch and complain about the abundance of ads on their favorite social media platform. They want a purchase to be their idea from start to finish. As companies create effective and engaging content, it brings customers to them and opens the door for sales opportunities that don't feel too sales-y.

When a customer feels the idea was theirs to begin with, it doesn't matter that they may have clicked on an article they found interesting, educational, or entertaining. What matters is that they were drawn in and converted to a sale without feeling "sold to".

It's data- and performance-driven.

Measuring Inbound ROI – Story Block MediaMarketing is no longer a shot in the dark. With the ability to track every action a potential customer takes, companies can finesse their strategy. Data from blog traffic, keyword rankings, email campaigns, and landing page conversions gives companies insight into what their audience responds to and needs. All this data leads to a higher return on investment as you learn your audience and create a stronger campaign.


It integrates channels.

Marketing Channel Integration with Inbound Marketing – Story Block MediaInbound marketing allows you to connect several channels and marketing methodologies into one integrated, successful campaign. Optimizing your marketing by using email, social media, blogs, and various other marketing channels sets your company up for success. The days are long past when a company could rely on any one strategy; if a potential customer doesn't engage on social media, they might connect through email or via a landing page. By integrating channels and providing a seamless experience, companies find their conversion rates increase.


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