3 Tips For Effective Blogging

So, you've decided you're going to start a blog. You've got plenty of topic ideas already, and you're sure that once you get started, you won't be able to stop.

Or maybe you've already started your blog, but you're not getting the traction you thought you would. Before you start second-guessing yourself, you might want to check out these simple tips to help you be a more effective blogger.

If you're looking for help from a technical standpoint, you might find Jacob Whitmore's three step guide on how to start a blog useful.  He'll show you how to register a domain name and hosting, install WordPress and make it look nice.


Tip #1: Spend time on titles

Keywords are one of your best friends as a blogger, but you should only focus on one, or at most two, per blog entry. Choosing the right keyword can make you much more likely to show up in search engine results, and if you're really lucky, you'll show up on page one of those results.

However, while you should definitely use your keyword in the body of your posts (and it should be the subject on which your post is based), your title is where you really want your keyword to take center stage. A catchy title with the proper keyword in it could rocket your post up several notches, and perhaps several pages, in search engine results.

Tip #2: Keep a schedule

3TipsBlogging_Body.pngOnce your blog has started to get an audience, it's important for you to give your growing audience regular content updates. For example, you might update your blog once a week on Wednesday evenings. That way, followers know when to look for your latest piece. If you have multiple posts a week, you might want to consider separating them by themes. That way your audience knows what to expect, and they'll be ready when you release each update.

Tip #3: Know your goals

Before you even start your blog, you need to know what your goals are. For example, is your blog a way to earn you money? Is it to help you earn a fan following? Do you want to use your blog to promote yourself, a book you've written, a video channel you run, etc.? It's impossible to know whether or not you're successful until you know what constitutes success.

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