5 Minute Read: 3 SEO Tips You Can Use Right Now

Since this is a quick read, we're going to skip the intro. I know SEO is important, you know it's important, let's talk about these 3 SEO tips you can use right now to improve your inbound marketing efforts.

3 SEO tips you can use right now

Tip #1: Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Typically when you think of keywords in terms of SEO, you're focusing on individual words, or pairs of words. Things like "gardening tips" or "mens shoes". However, long-tail keywords are keywords made up of more than three search terms. Something like "comic book stores in Northwest Indiana". The niche for long-tail keywords is smaller, but there's less competition for them, and they tend to be much more specific, which puts your site in a strong, competitive position.

Tip #2: Use This MOZ Keyword Tool

Click here and bookmark the page. This SEO tool is free and it works great. They even have a score called "priority" that makes comparing the SEO value of various words and phrases fool-proof. MOZ (the best SEO resource out there, in our humble opinion) explains the priority score as "conceived to help aggregate all the other metrics - Difficulty, Opportunity, Volume, and (if you choose to use it) Importance. We wanted to create an easy way to sort keywords so the cream would rise to the top -- cream in this case being keywords with low difficulty, high opportunity, strong volume, and high importance."

Tip #3: Focus on Quality Backlinks

When it comes to backlinks (having your site mentioned on a different site, with a link for readers to click-through), it's tempting to go for quantity over quality. However, SEO algorithms are impossible to fool, and you can waste a lot of time and energy on the shotgun approach. Instead, look at the ratings and quality of sites you want to have your link appear on. Being mentioned by a site with a high rating, and a lot of traffic, will reap many times the rewards of being linked on dozens of poor-quality sites.

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