6 Ways to Shoot Impressive Video on a Budget

Let’s face it, creating a video is time consuming. From pre-planning, to shooting, logging, editing, and possibly having multiple revisions, it’s no wonder a project can get insanely expensive.

6 Ways to Shoot Impressive Video Projects on a Budget – Story Block Media

If you’re watching your bottom dollar, here’s some helpful tips on shooting impressive video projects on a budget:

  1. Create a video outline
    Never go into production day without a vision. At least have a rough outline detailing what shots you need to get, who you’ll be interviewing. Make sure the outline follows a schedule and stick to it. The last thing you want to do is to have to reshoot something you missed. Consider using a storyboard. It's our first tip in our post on producing great videography.

  2. Lunch on the house
    It takes a village to pull off a big video project. If your shoot requires a handful of people or more, provide lunch. That way everyone involved stays nearby and doesn’t wander off. Time is money.

  3. Let there be light
    Lighting is everything. If you’re shooting video outside, shoot at dawn or dusk for best natural lighting. If you’re filming inside, there's some simple and easy hacks to improve lighting for your video shoot.

  4. Smooth camera movement 
    You may be shooting video on a budget, but it should never leave your audience sick to their stomach. If you want movement in your video, whether it’s pans or tilts, don’t spend a lot of money on a dolly. Instead, use furniture sliders for smooth movement. It’s inexpensive and clever.

  5. Tripod as a steadicam
    Use the weight of your tripod for smooth movement in your shots. Just hold your tripod from the mount and move the camera for less-shaky pans and tilts. Building your brand with video takes care and attention, and your audience will notice when your work is rough around the edges. 

  6. Invest in a DSLR camera kit  
    These days you can get a great-quality camera that shoots photo and video for less than $2K. If you buy it in a kit, two lens, an SD card, and a camera bag are usually included. You’ll need to buy a tripod, microphone and other accessories separately. I would definitely check the sales at Costco or Sam’s Club. I bought my Canon EOS 70D camera kit from Costco for under $1,500 and the video quality is great!

Bonus Idea: If you're shooting on an iphone, why not edit your footage on your phone too? Here are a few iPhone video editing apps to get you started.

This is just the technical side of video.

Consider stepping your game up to the next level when it comes to content because people truly only share the exceptional work. There are rules and best practices for using your videos in marketing contextually. Your videos should always be followed up by more resources or opportunities to convert into a potential deal. 

The storytelling aspect of video cannot be understated as well. It's why video will drive 82% of traffic in 2021, according to Cisco. Great stories told in video follow have strong beginnings and endings, heroes and calls-to-adventure. Here's a 12-step guide to mastering your video with storytelling

Create a Winning Video with our Video Shooting Checklist

Now that you’re aware of some ways to save money for your dream shoot, don’t hesitate. Get what you need to create some video magic using our checklist! Grab it and get started.