The King Lives: Chapter 2

My name is Elvis Aaron Presley. In 1977, I got lost in Branson, Missouri and everyone said I was dead. I’m blogging about my comeback and trying to eat less tamales.

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The King Lives: Chapter 2 – An Introduction to Inbound Marketing


An Albino Chicken & A Master Plan

Saturday, July 25th

I wrote a song once called “Song of the Shrimp” about this shrimp that was saying goodbye to his parents as he jumps into the net of a fishing boat headed for Louisiana.

Turns out, very few shrimp can talk. Like almost none of them. So the song didn’t make much sense.

Point is, you gotta have a plan before you start something. And you gotta do your research.

If I’m gonna move out of this ramshackle motel and back into Graceland, I need to get my marketing plan polished so it all works together. I need to set goals, identify my target customers (or “personas”), and make a plan for creating content that will convert folks from strangers all the way to customers.

And I need a new cape.

But I need the marketing plan first.

 – Elvis’ Inbound Marketing Plan – 


(Check out my last blog if you don’t know what personas are.)

I do well with the ladyfolk. I love them and they love me.

But after doing a little digging, I found that musicians like me can count on both their original fans and a younger set that like retro stuff.

My first persona is Original Olivia, a 70 year old woman who lives in Nashville, and has a few kids who just graduated college that I am probably not the father of. She still listens to music, but doesn’t really buy much online. She's also on Facebook where she reads articles every now and then.

Throwback Theresa is a college student, 20 years old, drinks like a fish but only eats organic food. She listens to Spotify, buys music on Amazon, and goes to as many music festivals as she can.

Captain Carl is big fan of Captain Morgan, his motorcycle (that he swears will be running soon), and yours truly. He’s in his late 60s and lives in Birmingham. He’s got a good tape collection, but mainly listens to the radio.

I could come up with more, but I’m just going to focus on these for now.

Buyer’s Journey

People rarely learn something exists and buy it in the same moment. Especially with stuff like records or concert tickets that almost always cost over $20.

They usually have a need or desire (awareness), do some research (consideration), see a few things that could scratch their itch, check em out (decision), then they pull the trigger.

If I want Captain Carl to buy my record, I need to hit that cat with some black-belt marketing karate that speaks to who he is and where he’s at in this process. I can’t just tell him to hurry up and buy it, I need to focus on getting him to the next stage of his buyer’s journey.

Unless he’s in the decision making stage, then I can tell that hombre that the King has some hip-shaking sounds that he’d have to be crazy as a road lizard to pass up.

So that’s the buyer. Here’s what I have to do.

Steps of Inbound Marketing

First, I need to attract strangers.

The best tools for that are blogs, SEO, and social media.

I paid this kid a crisp Andrew Jackson to set me up a website, so now I need to write a few blogs that will help people find it.

Since this is awareness stage content, people don’t really know I’m back yet and they don’t know it’s really me. All these damn impersonators are a real kick in the plums. These phonies are getting work left and right while I sit in this damn Hot Tamale Heaven.


Monday, July 27th

Waitress kicked me out of Hot Tamale Heaven for cussin’ and told me I can’t use her computer no more.

I thought about karate choppin’ a table on the way out to let her know E’s still got it, but she’s been a real champ to let me work in her shop.

So now I’m in the library where it’s nice and quiet. They don’t have tamales, though, so it’s kind of a wash.

I did find this amazing book on this kind of marketing I’m doing called Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead. Some real eye-opening stuff about Inbound Marketing and making money playing music.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Back to blogging.

If I want people to find my site, I need to create a few blogs for people who are looking for new music or fun stuff to do, like going to see a living legend shake it on stage. I also need to make sure I pick a title and topic that my personas are searching for.

I can’t be just talking about myself either, because people aren’t searching for me yet and they don’t trust blogs where people just yap about themselves.

Choosing the right long tail keywords and writing the perfect headlines are critically important parts of blogging. Learn how to do these two things before you spend time writing the actual post. If people don't find your blog post or don't click it once they do, then all that time spent writing is a waste. 

For Original Olivia, I’m gonna write a blog specifically for Facebook. That means I just need a catchy headline and don’t need to worry too much about picking the right long-tail keyword since she won’t be finding this through a search engine.

I did some digging and this persona is pretty nostalgic, so I’m gonna write a post called “The 70 Most Righteous Songs of the 70s”.

These kinds of articles always get people fussing about what’s been left off. They call this “engagement” now.

Throwback Theresa uses the Internet a lot. She looks up all kinds of stuff online so I need to figure out a long tail keyword that she’d search for. The best long-tail keywords have high search volume and low competition, but those are like albino chickens. They're rare. So if you see one, snatch it up.

I caught an albino chicken in Tupelo one time. Named him Tim Tom Luther. Three first names and no pigment. Sold him for 15 green backs and a nearly full pack of Lucky Strikes. But that’s besides the point.

This persona searches for new bands in her area a lot, so I'm writing a blog titled “Locals Getting Loud: The Best New Local Bands You’ve Never Heard Of.” The long tail keyword “best new local bands” has really high search volume and the competition isn’t too bad.

Captain Carl’s getting a blog titled “Smokin’ 60s: The Hottest Singers from 1960-1970”. He’s like Original Olivia, he spends more time on Facebook than he does searching for stuff, so I just need a really clickable headline.

If I combine two of his favorite things – music from the 60s and foxy hippies showin’ a little skin – those Carl’s will come a runnin'.

How does Inbound Marketing work?

Tuesday, July 28th

Feelin’ a little embarrassed this morning.

Ended up falling asleep under the desk at the library. This old lady come through vacuuming and we scared each other half to death.

Guess I kept working even after I was dozing off, too. Wrote a buncha stuff that doesn’t makes sense like “Make a vid of me kicking stuff and hide it under their chairs.”

Not sure what chairs I meant and no one is going to trust me if I make content that’s all about myself. I gotta give people stuff they find interesting. Stuff they’re likely to search for.

Anyway, I spent more of today coming up with more blog topics to attract folks to my website. Now that I’ve got a couple blogs for each persona, I’m gonna move on to convert stage content.

This is the stage where I convert those website visitors into leads. That means I need to get a little info from them about who they are and an email address. Once I have that, I can begin to customize marketing for them which will make it more effective.

To get their info, you gotta give something in return.

It’s like a swap meet, but without all the old ladies who just follow me around smoking long cigarettes asking me sign their over the shoulder boulder holders. (No offense to Jamie from Little Rock. I still love you.)

This means creating a piece of content that folks want bad enough to trade their info for. Usually a guide, white paper, or toolkit.

Since both Original Olivia and Captain Carl both jammed out to my records on real turntables and are still into music, I’m going to make a guide about switching back to vinyl. It’s gonna have a list of things that happens to record players when they sit for too long, how to fix them, a buyer’s guide for new turntables, record restoring tips – the works.

I got to talking with the cleaning lady that scared the molasses out of me last night and she has a son who works at a local radio station. Kid knows about all the big concerts before they happen. He said he’d feed me the intel if I promote his station.

He works for 106.1 The Pyro: Block rockin’ and not stoppin.

If I can get regular scoops on new shows, I can break one announcement on social media and get Throwback Theresa to sign up for a show alert email. I know she’ll open the emails since she wants the info and I can drop a quick plug for my records or concerts in the bottom. I’ll also need to mention Stinky Bart & The Kid, the morning radio show on 106.1 The Pyro.


Wednesday, July 29th

That cleaning lady is a trip. 

She carries a flask of Beams 8 Star that's big as a door. Got a picture of her late husband Leroy on it. She split it with me last night while we talked about our lives and plans. Leroy sounds like a real troublemaker. Think I would’ve liked him.

Anyway, she’s making a break for it soon. Bailing out of this town and headed to New Orleans. She said "In the Big Easy, they fry everything that isn’t bolted down."

Sounds pretty good to me.

I just did some googling and they got this group called The Rolling Elvi down there. Kinda ticked me off at first, but then I realized this might be my ticket. I catch a ride down there with Juanita and get these Elvi to help set me up with some gigs.

Wait, what happens next?!