Beginner's Guide To CRM Strategy


You just had a business meeting with a client who mentions their daughter is now feeling better. You can't remember for the life of you if they were ill or had surgery, or why they would say that to you.

You pretend as if you know what they are talking about and move on with the conversation. But, it's bugging you for the rest of the day. With a customer relationship management software (CRM), you no longer have to worry about remembering details about clients. It does it for you! And beyond that, implementing a CRM can help you automate and leverage lead nurturing, sales calls, customer satisfaction and everything you need for a successful inbound sales strategy.

Let's take a look at how developing a good CRM strategy will help you remember to send Bob's daughter a get well soon card. 

What Exactly is a CRM?

CRM, as we said before, stands for customer relationship manager. A CRM is going to keep everything you know about people with their file. When it's time for that annual meeting with Bob, you can read through his file before you go. This will help to prevent blank stares when they mention something that you don't remember being talked about.

A good CRM strategy involves first knowing what a CRM is and the capability it offers. A CRM software works like a large contact and address book. It's there to help you stay organized and manage all of the details and info about customers or prospective clients.

You can categorize them however you like, often to an infinite amount of categories. If you want to know if they attended that tradeshow you went to last year or if you sent them a Christmas card, all you have to do is open their record.

Contacts can be organized by groups and accounts, and by leads and customers. There are several different types of CRMs on the market. Let's take a look at the most common.

CRM Strategy for Marketing

There are CRMs that are built specifically for a marketing team and the data they require.

A marketing CRM helps you market to the right people, with the right message. It allows for automation of emails, social scheduling and content posting.

You can set up custom workflows and processes for different user types. If you have someone who has never been on your website before, you can send them top of the funnel content. For someone that is a customer, they would receive bottom of the funnel content.

Setting up a CRM strategy within your marketing CRM will help you to automate processes that would typically be a totally manual process. The workflows allow for your team to know when it's time to reach out for a sale.

Contact Focused CRMs

While a marketing CRM has the capability of a contact focused CRM, there are some things that are different. Marketing is strictly for, marketing.

Contact focused CRMs make it possible to remember your client's birthday, where they went to school, and other important details that take your customer service to the next level.

Customers will be wowed by you when you remember something they mentioned in passing over a year ago. This CRM is all focused on what you can provide to the customer and how you can improve your service.

Out of all of the CRMs, this is the simplest to implement and the least expensive.

Conversation Based CRMs

Having a good CRM strategy involves thinking of all of the angles of how you can keep track of and reach your customers.

A conversation CRM is exactly what it sounds like. It keeps track of all of the touch points you've had with customers and clients. If you've had a phone call, it logs the call and you can add notes about the conversation.

It also logs emails so you can see the entire email thread back and forth between your company and this client.

It doesn't just log yours, others have the ability to add to the contacts and log their notes if they have also had a conversation with this individual.

Lead And Deal CRM Software

Lead and deal CRMs are what keeps sales running and helps you to measure how qualified your leads are.

This CRM is sales focused and makes sure you are meeting the appropriate sales goals you set. You have the ability to track leads through your sales pipeline and make notes about how far along you are in the process.

When they've decided to use your product or service, you'll be able to convert them into a deal. Your sales team will see the notes about any client from their first interaction all the way through to their sale.

Using this in your CRM strategy is helpful because you can track if there is a certain point in the sales cycle that leads fall off or become unresponsive. Having this information will help you be able to develop a better sales process.

Do I Need A CRM?

Did you know that using a CRM gives an average of about $9 for every $1 spent? Talk about a great return for your invested money. CRMs are constantly helping businesses find the right customers and lead them painlessly through the sales cycle. All of this is done while providing the best customer service and user experience.

Automation helps your business focus less on follow up and more on personalization of care. It helps communication between employees since all of the notes about a person are going directly into their file.

If you're worried about implementing a new software and having the process slow you don't, you have nothing to worry about! Most CRM softwares have a large volume of training videos to help you get acquainted with the system before you even use it. We may be biased because we use it, but we have a lot of success with HubSpot and we've prepared a blog exploring it's CRM capabilities for you.

Using a CRM is going to make your sales easier and your leads more trackable. If you're interested in learning more about CRMs, how they work, and how they fit into a larger strategy to build growth through a  predictable revenue stream, sign up for our extensive whitepaper below.

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