Conversion Optimization Testing 101

The Unholy Power of Conversion Rate Optimization is a blog series that will give people the tools and knowledge they need to convert more visitors into leads and leads into customers.

If you’re just joining us and don’t know what the hell Conversion Rate Optimization is, consider reading this first: What the Hell is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Science Fairs were the jam.

You come up with a hypothesis, test it, use your results to form a conclusion, put your experiment up on one of those big folding foam boards and wait for your teacher to bring you that big blue ribbon.

But if your teacher walked right past your badass presentation with that ribbon just to give it stupid Richard with his stupid battery test (Oh, Duracell works longer?! Of course it does, Richard, everyone already knew that.) – here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

The Unholy Power of CRO – CRO Testing 101


A/B Testing: The Cornerstone of Conversion Rate Optimization

You can read every article out there about the best way to build your website, but until you’ve tested it for yourself, it’s still just guesswork.

Because your customers are different. Your site is different. Your product is different. What works best for the people who wrote those best practices is at least somewhat different than what is going to work for you.

So make the best site you can then get to testing. How? Just like your science project.

  • Make a hypothesis
  • Design and run an experiment
  • Analyze results to form a conclusion

In terms of your website, here’s how that could look.

Hypothesis: Swapping the hero image on the page (man smiling at camera) with an image of a woman looking at the CTA button would increase the amount of people who click (conversions).

Experiment: Create a version of your page with the new image. Serve that page to half your audience and serve the original page to the other half. Run this test for 2 weeks.

Conclusion: The new image saw 8% higher. Version with new image to replace old version. But because both page’s conversions are still below industry averages, new tests will need to be done.

What can you test with an A/B test?

  • Headlines
  • Subheads
  • Body copy
  • Images
  • CTAs (copy, design, and placement)
  • Testimonials
  • Social Proof

What tools do I use for A/B testing?

Check out our post The Best Tools for Conversion Optimization or head straight over to VWO. These guys can tell you all about testing and give you the tools you need to get started.


The ConversionXL Conference was filled with testing insights.

I went and took extensive notes.

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