The Masters of CRO

Your customers evolve by the hour. Your knowledge better keep up.

Ever wondered why there are so many marketing blogs written every day? When best practices expire faster than milk in a hot car, you need hyper-relevant content.

The Masters of Conversion Rate Optimization – Story Block Media

It’s the only way your knowledge and approach are going to keep pace with the ever-evolving consumer.

That sounds daunting, but in reality, you’re just a couple Twitter follows and email subscriptions away from a steady stream of the most well-sourced, trustworthy, and current knowledge on all sorts of important topics.

CRO Experts –
Who to follow for conversion rate optimization knowledge:

  • Rand Fishkin
    A great name can put a lot of pressure on your personality to live up to such a rad moniker. Fail, and you’re Wolf Blitzer. Succeed, and your Rand Fishkin. The Moz founder and all around interesting cat keeps his Twitter feed stocked with some of the best insights you’ll find.

  • Peep Laja
    Next up on the Great Name team, is Peep Laja (pronounced Pep La-jah). Both his personal feed (linked in his name above) and his CXL Institute are amazing resources for powerful knowledge, links to solid research, and some really advanced stuff that will keep pushing your CRO education.

  • Joanna Wiebe
    Joanna is the boss of words. She makes them work and work hard. A conversion copywriter of the highest order, Joanna’s Twitter feed is as good as it gets when it comes to CRO knowledge.

  • Contently
    Ok, this isn’t really CRO-specifically, but creating better content will help you get the traffic that these CRO wizards and wizardesses (band name alert) will be teaching you how to convert into customers.

  • Growth Hackers
    This is another account that doesn’t self-identify as CRO specifically, but is a steady faucet of info that will bolster the brain of anyone trying to improve their conversion rates.

You can find more conversion rate optimization influencers on my list, but please refrain from following me unless you like bad tweets. Want to find out more information about conversion rate optimization? Start at the beginning here. 

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