Creating a Culture of Continuing Education

Mind the Knowledge Gap

Assembling a dream team doesn’t stop once you've loaded it with all-stars. There’s always room to improve. In order to keep your crew engaged and putting out their best work, you need to encourage a culture of continuing education within your marketing department, if not the entire company.

Everyone in your office specializes in something. Your copywriter may go home and read European continental philosophy and write a science fiction comic book, who knows? Have you asked? Get your team to open up, inspire them to show off their passions in the office. Support their growth and get to know their processes, how they track success and where they get inspiration. Create an environment where your staff gives presentations on books they are interested in, conferences they’ve recently attended, groups they’re part of. Everyone should be sharing what makes them different in order for the whole team to evolve collectively.

On top of what they specialize in at home, get your employees to level up their marketing game. The technologies and strategies used in Marketing is constantly changing, adapting to trends in human behavior. You’re never done learning, and the more you study, the more of an edge you’ll have over your competition.

We've put together the top sites, certifications and events to keep your team on their toes (so you don't have to).


Great quality content and the perfect place to start.

HubSpot inbound CertificationHubSpot’s Inbound Certification course is a free twelve part class that spans the four stages of the inbound methodology: attract, convert, close, delight. These courses will improve your ability to optimize your website, create killer content and develop inbound sales chops. The classes cover SEO, blogging, email marketing, social media and also offers free tools along with how to use them to effectively empower your team’s sales and marketing impact.

Google Analytics Individual QualificationThis free tool is a deep dive into becoming proficient at leveraging the tracking and reporting of your website’s traffic through Google Analytics. GA (as those in the know refer to it) is a powerful tool. While nearly everyone seems to use, only a very small percentage are really using it to its fullest potential. Encourage the budding data scientist on your team to get their hands on it to show you what it can really do. 

Google Adwords CertificationGet a professional accreditation in the basics and nuances of the Adwords tool to maximize your digital advertising on Google. So many dive into paid search, spend way too much and then blame the tool. In most cases, it was the setup and lack of understanding that cause are to blame. Knowing just how to optimize a campaign to spend on what you want, where you want to achieve specific goals is gold in the marketing world. Let'em learn!

Bing Ads AccreditationDon't discount Bing. While similar to Adwords, this tool might be the engine of choice for your marketing personas (if you don't have those, then we definitely need to talk). This free certification course will show you how to spend on this less popular but still relevant search engine. The course will help you to increase your Bing ads proficiency, optimize ad campaigns, enjoy member benefits and maximize your Bing ads reporting, tools and knowledge.

Facebook BlueprintBlueprint Certifications are designed to measure advanced-level competency in Facebook advertising skills. Whether you're an ad planning or buying professional, their certification is a must for those looking to master social media marketing.

Google Tag Manager FundamentalsIn this self-paced course, you’ll learn how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process for marketers, analysts, and developers. Not familiar with GTM? This is the tool built by Google to help marketers track anything and nearly everything that happens on a site without having to employ someone from your web or development team. 

Twitter Flight schoolIf your audience are into tweeting, then mastering the Twitter Ads landscape with in-depth product tutorials and continually refreshed content should be on your list of musts. 

Linkedin Marketing CertificationUtilize LinkedIn’s ad space to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness in a community of professionals that are relevant to your business. This is the holy grail for B2B and SaaS marketing teams. 

YouTube CertifiedIn the YouTube Certification, participants learn how to use YouTube’s ad space and video marketing platform to optimize channel performance, along with result reporting using YouTube Analytics.


Invest in your marketing output and escalate the knowledge of your staff. Throwing a few dollars can yield big returns.

Certified Product Marketing CertificationGetting a certified product marketing certification means that an individual has a thorough understanding of how to market a product from launch, to ensuring its success in the marketplace. This course goes through the lifecycle of a product, from launch through its growth into its maturity and decline. It also covers appropriate pricing actions, product focused marketing communications activities and more.

Pragmatic Marketing CertificationProduct management and marketing jobs on websites like Indeed®, Monster® and CareerBuilder® routinely list Pragmatic Marketing Certified as a required or preferred attribute. This marketing certification course offers 6 levels of pragmatic marketing expertise, so those completing it can be hailed as masters of the trade.

Trade Show Marketer CertificationIf your industry depends heavily on event marketing, earning a certificate in trade show marketing may be the right choice. The classes and evaluations level participants' skills by making them professionals at networking, selling professional value and building strong relationships with new and old leads.

American Marketing Association CertificationThe AMA certification offers the most recent and relevant marketing skills in the industry today.  TOP MARKETING CONFERENCES:Sign up for these conferences and seminars for a deeper insight into the world of marketing and what industry leaders are doing.

Inbound 2018September 4-7 in Boston, MA. Experience the best of EVERYTHING inbound marketing related as HubSpot devotees and marketing professionals learn, listen and lament about marketing and sales with 20,000 of their closest colleagues. They also don't skimp on scoring top notch keynotes - 2017 speakers included Michelle Obama, Dr. Ed Catmul and Issa Rae. (As a HubSpot Platinum Agency, this is a must for our entire team). 

Content Marketing WorldSeptember 4-7 in Cleveland, OH. With over 120 sessions and workshops held by the best and brightest inbound marketers from around the world, the CMW conference covers strategy, storytelling, ROI, demand generation, Artificial Intelligence and more.

MarTechWith one in San Jose, CA on April 23-25 and the other in Boston, MA on October 1-3, the MarTech conference combines seminars and workshops on marketing, technology and management to senior-level professionals wanting to up their game. Marketing technologists, creative technologists, growth hackers, data scientists, and digital strategists are all welcome to explore a broad range of important marketing technology issues and ideas while going deep in the content of each presentation at this conference.

VidConJune 20-23 in Anaheim, CA. Meet the creators of some of the most successful video content to date and learn their secrets for growing your channel, creating better content and diving headfirst into the industry.

Growth HackersThe Growth Hacker conference took place on February 8th in San Diego, CA, but it is an absolute must to keep on your radar for 2019. Industry leaders took the stage, discussing their growth stories and strategies and what the future of content marketing will look like and how to prepare for it.

Social Media Marketing WorldAnother conference that took place earlier this year, Social Media Marketing World took place in San Diego, CA on February 28 - March 2. Bloggers, video creators, podcasters and social media marketing experts held workshops and keynotes on the strategy to remain in control of channel growth on an ever changing platform.

PubconOctober 16 - 18 in Las Vegas, NV. In a recent independent survey of hundreds of marketers, Pubcon was named the #1 marketing conference in the world. Pubcon offers masters-level sessions in marketing and web specialization to educate, inform, inspire and network the rising next generation of industry professionals.

HeroConfApril 16-18 in Austin, TX. At Hero Conf, pay-per-click fanatics, new and old, gather to share a passion, collaborate on solutions, and simply have fun while learning about the latest trends in PPC (pay-per-click).

Make some time in your busy schedule or incentivize your team with certifications or conference attendance. Encourage them share the knowledge they've gained.

If you never stop learning, your business will never stop growing.

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