Everything I Learned at a Big Conversion Optimization Conference

The ConversionXL Live Conference was a 3-day Growth & Optimization event with 27 speakers representing the brightest minds in multiple fields.

Psychologists, Conversion Rate Optimizers, Copywriters, Designers, Testing Directors, and more took to the stage to deliver a powerful torrent of actionable insight that is focused on one thing: getting better results.

But if that $1000+ ticket is too steep, allow me to help.

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The Unholy Power of CRO – Everything I Learned at a Big Conversion Optimization Conference

Biggest Takeaways From a Conversion Optimization Conference:

  • Focus on CRO – it will pay off
  • Prioritize quick wins – you’ll get buy-in from your bosses to spend more time on CRO
  • Testing is vital
  • Your brain has 2 systems: subconscious (rational, automatic) and conscious (emotional, requires effort.) Speak to both.
  • You must understand the customer journey
  • Brands like Facebook, Uber, and Instagram changed human behavior
  • The Hook is an experience designed to connect the user’s problem with your solution with enough frequency to form a habit
  • A lot of psychology is bullshit
  • Focus on the subconscious as it controls 95% of decisions
  • Reduce friction
  • Loss aversion (avoid) and incentives (desire) are the two main motivators
  • Understand the emotions behind the data (results)
  • Use social proof to overcome customer uncertainty (important for buying online)
  • Focus on the headline – seriously, spend a lot of time on it – it’s crucial
  • Testing should focus on quantity, quality, and profit
  • Testing should be part of your company’s DNA
  • Moderated user testing is critical for gaining insights
  • Be careful with what you experiment with – major website page edits have great risk


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Read notes from every single presenter – including links to their full presentations.

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