Facebook Just Got More Colorful

A slump in personal content sharing has pushed Facebook to roll out a new feature. 

Android users will soon be able to chose the background color of text posts. (Example) As of this writing, Wednesday at 3:00pm, it is still unclear if the feature will be rolling out to desktop or iOS users, but both should be able to see the posts. 

facebook ads color to posts

While the option to add color to a text post isn't exactly an earth-shaking addition to Facebook, especially given the recent additions of Facebook Live (including an audio-only option) and Marketplace – the reason for the addition is.

News (real and fake) and a wide array of branded content are flooding the site. That influx is causing a drop in original personal content.  

What does the addition of Facebook's colorized posts mean to you?

If you have an Android and want to get the most out of this feature, check out the psychology of colors. Pick colors that help you communicate clearly, even if it is subconsciously.

Especially if it's subconsciously.

If you're a marketing manager or executive trying to plan for the future, Facebook's efforts are another sign that content marketing is a seismic shift, not a fad. So if you haven't taken a good look at how you're doing in this new world, don't put it off any longer.


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If Facebook is worried about too much branded content, there must be a lot of it. If you're one of those brands husteling to keep your Facebook channel active, keep an eye on your engagement and ROI. Tons of content can mean your posts can become noise. 

There's still lots of opportunity to promote your content, drive lots of traffic to your site, and reach your ideal customer through highly targeted ads  – but now more than ever you need to be keeping up with what's working (did we mention you can subscribe to this blog?) and watching your metrics to be sure your getting results that justify the time you're spending.

You may also want to be on the look out for what's next. Has your customer already ditched Facebook for the more like minded confines of a Reddit community (subreddit) or LinkedIn group? Maybe they're spending more time in personal chat apps, (a trend we expect to hear a lot about in 2017.) 

The point is, you should be wherever your personas are. And if they're spending less time on Facebook, you should too.