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Episode 4: Fleurty Girl & Lauren LeBlanc

If being a super-mom and female-focused small business owner/creator wasn't enough to classify Lauren LeBlanc as a hero (Editor’s note: it totally is), she’d certainly be one for forcing the mighty NFL to back down.

Girl Power

She even has a name and signature uniform like a super hero. But instead of a cape, Fleurty Girl rocks her very own perfectly-fitted t-shirts.

What makes Fleurty Girl one of our favorite brands in the city is not only her story, but her insistence on giving back to the city that helped her find success. Going from a single mom struggling to make ends meet, to a woman giving over $100,000 and counting back to her city, gives more meaning to every t-shirt she prints. They aren’t just slogans – they’re convictions. And it shows. In a city with so many t-shirt shops selling “I got Bourbon faced on shit street” shirts, Fleurty Girl is a much-appreciated dose of the real.

But you can’t be a super hero without a villain to vanquish. A hugely powerful foe trying to take something that’s not their own from seemingly powerless citizens. Luckily, the NFL was more than willing to play that part when they attempted to lay claim to the phrase “Who Dat.”

With an entire city behind her, Fleurty Girl refused to back down from the NFL’s pinstriped army of lawyers. And against all odds, she won.

Listen to Lauren tell the story of her risks, her rewards, and her unending love for a city by a river.


And if you want to know more about Lauren and her story or her amazing home, check out the links embedded here. 

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