Getting Back to Selling: How to Install Sales Automation Software

Integrating automation into your sales strategy is the biggest thing you can do for your productivity and customer impact, but is it really a cost effective strategy to install and learn the software internally?

Well, first we need to talk automation

Sales Automation

Automation works. It eliminates time spent on menial tasks, improves customer service and ultimately increases revenue. In fact, according to an MIT Sloan survey, 91% of companies that have integrated automation software into their marketing and sales stack say that the technology has fundamentally transformed the way that they work. 

For sales teams especially, automation's impact on the bottom line can't go unnoticed. For companies without it, sales teams spend 20%-50% of their day searching and inputting data manually and waste up to 50% of their time on unproductive customer prospecting. 

Automation eliminates data entry, improves contact qualifications and organizes contact and customer records for improved sales conversations and customer experience. This, in turn, has increased sales productivity by 15% and reduced overhead and time by 12%. But you know all of this. 

So what's the drawback?

Implementing a new automation system into your sales and marketing strategy takes time. A lot of time. According to our research through HubSpot and Glassdoor, for a first time user to implement automation software, they would need to spend at least 179.7 hours, which, for the average salaried sales manager, would cost nearly $10,000 of their time. We put it all together for you below. 

Sales Automation Integration DIY Cost and Time Estimates Infographic

Is this worth your time?

The impact that automation has on sales effectiveness is undeniably huge, but installing and learning to run the software take a hell of a lot of time. And that's time you could be using to run your business and make more meaningful connections. Even if you know exactly what you're doing, installing and running your automation software ends up costing more of your time than makes sense.  

If not you, then who?

You know sales, so you need to get someone who knows automation to integrate your needs with the tools you'll need, catering maximum efficiency. 

What I mean is this, when your car needs an oil change you can easily do that yourself or you can get someone else to do it for you. The scale is pretty level there because the skill level and time to complete the task is pretty minimal. But if you need to change your brakes or replace the engine mounts, you need a professional. Sure, you could look up a dozen youtube videos and go out and buy the necessary tools, but at a certain point you're reaching diminishing returns. Your time is more valuable than that.  

Installing an automation system yourself can be overwhelming and ultimately not worth your valuable time. And just like a car with needs, there are experts that can set up your automation quickly and affordably. That means, by enlisting the help of a professional, you'll ultimately save time and money and will be able to focus on your expert sales and support services.

Bringing in the Professionals

Think of these professionals as the sales and marketing mobile mechanics. Among their many capabilities, they are proficient in getting their hands dirty in setting up CRM and automation technology to better support your marketing and sales alignments. 

The best part is that these agency technicians always utilize top tier technology and keep up to date with every emerging sales and marketing tool so that they can provide the most value and the smartest innovation. 

That's what the service is all about, letting you do the job you're best at while seamlessly and most effectively integrating the best technology with your business in the most cost effective and time saving way. 

If your time is worth more or better spent on selling, we should discuss how our team of Certified Sales Automation Specialist could get your system rolling sooner rather than later. 

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