Graphic Design: The Heart of Successful Marketing

There's no way around it: humans are deeply visual creatures. From infancy, we're trained to respond to colors, shapes, and designs instinctively. That's what makes visual marketing one of the most successful of all forms of advertising--and well-trained graphic designers know just how to exploit and manipulate these responses to the benefit of their clients.

Why is Graphic Design important to Marketing?

What does a graphic designer do?

A talented graphic designer is at the heart of all successful marketing, incorporating multiple visual elements (color, text, structure, graphic elements) into an attractive and attention-grabbing arrangement. A truly excellent designer will integrate these elements with the information being presented, creating a clear hierarchy. Good design draws the eye to pertinent information while imparting the company brand in an enticing and compelling way.

This type of high-quality design will engage a potential client on a deeper level. Most people can't tell you why a particular logo or campaign resonates with them, but a graphic designer knows that it's all part of the psychology of visual design.

Whether designing a "simple" logo, corporate stationery and mailers, trade show materials, or a full marketing campaign, a top-notch graphic designer is an absolute must.

How to work with your designer


When preparing to collaborate with a graphic designer, be prepared to impart a lot of information that might seem strange, but ultimately has to do with this psychological design approach. For example, your designer might ask:

  • Is your business traditional or modern in its products and approaches?
  • What companies do you admire or respect (within your industry and otherwise)?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?

Make sure to interview several designers to find one who's a good fit for your business. Since this person will be building logos, color pairings, text, type, and the many other elements that come together to make a cohesive brand, it's worth the investment of time! Before hiring a designer, ask to see prior work and request testimonials. Great design work depends on solid collaboration and understanding between designer and business owner.