Here’s When You Need to Meet Your Marketing Agency in Person

Here’s When You Need to Meet Your Marketing Agency in Person

Have we mentioned lately how much we love the Internet?

Tools like HubSpot, Skype, and Teamwork let us work with employees and clients around the globe (though we do love having the full Story Block Media team at home in our New Orleans office). That’s not to mention email, without which we’d probably die.

With so many tools at our disposal, it’s easy to connect with our clients remotely. But — even though it can be fast, efficient, and effective to hop on a call instead setting up a face-to-face — there are several situations where we always schedule an in-person meeting.

We figured we’d share those situations with business owners who want to build great relationships with their marketing partners and ad agencies. That’s you, right? If it’s not (yet), request your free one-hour consultation with Story Block Media.

Here are five times that you, business owner, should be in the same room with your marketing team:

1.  You’re kicking off a new project.

There’s no substitute for a real-time brainstorming session. By sitting down together with your marketing partners, you open the door to a fast-paced discussion with fewer technical difficulties (we’ve all seen Skype freeze mid-sentence). You’ll be able to build on others’ ideas, and the appropriate team members — say, product engineers or sales staff — will be right there to talk about what’s possible.

2.  You’re evaluating creative work.

Creative presentations work best in person. Let your marketing agency give you the whole show! You and your creative team will both benefit from being able to see each other’s body language, and you can give them your immediate reaction to the work. Have a conversation about your opinions, ideas, and critiques right there, right then.

3.  You’re discussing significant budget or scope changes.

Sometimes, you have to call an audible. When it seems like your company’s marketing plan is heading for a big pivot, or you need to increase or decrease your marketing budget, make time to meet in person. It’s always best to avoid getting bogged down in back-and-forth emails, no matter the topic — and since email dramatically increases the risk of miscommunication, according to a 2007 study, it’s well worth meeting in person when it comes to money.

4.  You’re working out a problem or disagreement.

The same rules applying to budget and scope changes apply here. Don’t assume your tone is clear when you’re relying on email or messaging apps to work out an issue. Meeting in person with your marketing partner to resolve a dispute accomplishes two things: It demonstrates your mutual respect for each other and each other’s time, and it ensures that both parties will remain focused on the issue at hand. If a face-to-face meeting really isn’t an option, pick up the phone. This way, you’re taking steps to preserve your relationship with your marketing partner, and giving them the opportunity to fix whatever’s gone wrong.

5.  You’re celebrating!

Just got the results of your latest inbound marketing campaign, and now you can prove it was a smashing success? It’s time to acknowledge all that hard work. While e-cards and G-chats are a fun way to keep in touch, there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned party — especially in New Orleans.

We’re always happy to see our clients in person, especially when we’ve got good news to share. This spring, the Story Block Media team worked on-site and in-person with the Grand Prix of NOLA. Check out the results we got from running the event’s social media and inbound marketing campaigns! Suffice it to say we took our own advice and threw a great party after seeing those numbers.

We’d love to work with you, too. Book your free one-hour marketing consultation.

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