The Tools You Need to Write Better Story-Driven Content


Successful marketing means being able to tell a story that resonates and affects readers; stories that inspire ordinary people to do something great; stories that guide a reader through their quest towards improving their lives with your service. 

Writing a story like this takes practice, understanding of the formula for all successful stories, an innate ability to tell a captivating story and a toolbox filled with essential marketing technologies.

If you're here, you're probably the Socrates of storytelling. You've got all of the skills, just no tools to make them last, minus that young intern that has memorized everything you've ever said. 

Lucky for you, 2018 has been filled with tools that not only make your marketing content perform better, but tools that will walk with you throughout your writing process, from concept to design, having you creating content like a machine.

6 Writing Tools for your Marketing Hero's Journey

1) Zest - Marketers Sharing Marketing to Marketers


Zest is a Chrome extension that allows you to peruse new and successful content as it is suggested by other marketers. The content on Zest is monitored and verified by marketing professionals, so every piece of content that is shared is innovative and important to the future of trending topics. 

I personally use Zest and click through a couple of blogs when I need a break or some content inspiration. It's a great tool for conjuring a muse when you need ideas or for cross-referencing other master marketers when creating an "original" piece of content.  

2) Airtable - Project Collaboration and Management


Airtable covers more than just marketing. It streamlines, and centralizes marketing campaigns in user-friendly, click-and-drag calendars, templates, campaign overviews and worksheets. This is a relatively new  team resource but it is used by some of the leading businesses and online agencies like Tesla, Slack, airbnb, Medium and Time. 

Airtable can be used to organize ideas, collaborate with your team and explore leading content and technology news from around the world. 

3) Buzzsumo - Content Research 


When you have a general idea of what you want to write about, Buzzsumo's topic research tool is a fantastic way to check out the top performing article titles, where they live and where they are being shared too the most. When you're ruminating on your titles and checking to see what people are interested in sharing, this is a great tool to get a head start.

4) Lucid Chart - Project Diagram

Lucid Chart

If you're like me, you're a visual person. You need to connect all of the dots before setting out to create them. In fact, you may recognize the chart above because you are reading one these boxes right now. Maybe you came here through following the arrows naturally, and hopefully you'll feel inspired to read some others. 

Lucid Chart allows you to map out a campaign so you can make sure that everything fits together when it's all active and online. Having your chart on hand keeps you pressing forward roadblock free; you know exactly where you're headed.

5) Hemingway - Readability Editor


If we learned anything from Ernest Hemingway's claim to fame, it's that readers like simple.  The Hemingway desktop app allows you to streamline your writing by putting it through the editor and getting highlighted suggestions on how to simplify and improve your writing voice.

(Note to self: you should clearly use this more often.)

6) Story BlockPersona Worksheet

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.56.49 PM

The most important part of your content marketing is making sure you are telling a story that will resonate with your ideal buying persona. With this persona worksheet, you can utilize Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey as a working template for creating an optimized persona as well as a buyer's journey that will have them traveling your marketing funnel with the vim of a young Luke Skywalker or Odysseus. 

Download our Persona creating guide to start crafting the next legendary journey that will turn your personas into prospects into empowered promoters.

Use Our Persona Worksheet

If you'd like to integrate the Hero's Journey into your marketing strategy, check out my next blog on training your brain to think like a storyteller by learning to identify the circle in every story you consume. 

Storytelling Brain Training: a hero's guide to hack your writing muscle