How to Find Nonprofit Volunteers for Your Next Event

Find nonprofit volunteers for your next event

Any nonprofit director can attest that volunteers are what make an organization go. Volunteers save nonprofits valuable payroll dollars, which can then be spent on hiring experienced, effective staff who further the organization’s mission (and a dedicated, results-driven marketing team).

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Social media is a great place to call for nonprofit event volunteers, but you never really know who’s responding to your general calls to action on social. Try this: instead of putting out a call for volunteers, use this free Social Media Lead Generation workbook to track down and interact with potential volunteers one-on-one. Not only will you have a better idea of how many people are committed to helping out, you’ll get a jump-start on building a relationship with those people.

Here are a few other ways to find nonprofit volunteers for your next event:

  • Look inside.

    Most of the time, the staff members who already work for your organization will be your best resource for getting more hands on deck. If your employees are game, ask them to share the event on their personal social media, and personally reach out to friends and family who might be interested in volunteering.

  • Post on volunteer boards.

    Many colleges and universities have volunteer boards both in their on-campus offices, and online. You’ll find volunteers who are looking for experience in your field, and you may be able to offer college credit in return.

  • Offer discounted admission to the event.

    By offering a discounted or free ticket to your event in exchange for time spent volunteering, you’ll attract people who already wanted to go. 

Here’s that free Social Media Lead Generation workbook again to help you take some of the chance out of finding great volunteers on social media.

One last piece of advice: Once you’ve got your pool of nonprofit event volunteers, don’t forget to provide clarity on what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. Consider creating a one-sheet document or an email miniseries detailing expectations and requirements, and distribute it to your volunteers in advance of your event. You can also host a pre-event volunteer training.


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