5 Brilliant Ideas to Write a Successful Blog

I remember back in 2004, when the word “blog” started becoming popular, no one ever took the concept seriously. Even I thought, “no one wants to read those.” Fast 12 years later, now they’re the lifeline many markers swear by.

My how the tables have turned.

These days, blogging is a must for its ability to optimize your search engine rankings. It's also one of the best ways to gain clients as it drives traffic to websites, showcases your company’s integrity, and allows you to back up your claim that you're an expert in your industry.

At our marketing firm, we churn out blogs like our livelihood depended on it. Because, well, it does.  It's all about content creation.

5 Brilliant Ideas to Write a-Successful Blog

There are so many factors that go into writing a blog, but here’s 5 brilliant ideas to help you write a successful blog:

1. Cater your blog to your persona

Make sure you determine your target audience before you even start outlining your blog. Cater your content to the persona you are speaking to. That makes it easier to target your demographic when pushing your blog through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Create a Catchy Title

When people are browsing the internet, you only have mere seconds to catch their interest. That’s why it’s it’s essential that your blog title is creative, catchy, and compelling. Make sure the title includes keywords that also appear in the URL to help with your SEO ranking.

3. A Featured Image Paints a Thousand Words

Readers are stimulated by visuals. Always make sure your blog has a relevant and captivating featured image. This is necessary when you share your blog on social media, because the featured image appears on those channels.

4. External and Internal Links

You always want to include links to other content in your blogs. Internal links help other relevant blogs on your site get more views. For example, you probably want to get more clients through blogging, and I’ve just included a link to our other blog that shows you how. External links to other reputable sites on the internet will drive up your SEO ranking.

5. Insert a CTA at the end 

At the end of every blog, you want to include a Call-to-Action that tells the reader what to do next. You want a button, text, and perhaps even an image that stands out. Advertise a compelling offer they can’t refuse. Why would they download your ebook, whitepaper, or checklist? If a reader reads your blog, and clicks on your CTA, the better the chance of them becoming a lead.

Need Ideas to Write a Blog?

A blog is just one component in telling a story. Download our whitepaper to see all the elements you need to  tell a compelling story. If you're writing your own blogs, you might also consider these three tips to effective blogging.