Low-Budget Content Marketing: How to create great content with no money

You think you want cheap content. You do not actually want cheap content.


With the terabytes of blogs, videos, and infographics being made every hour, your content has to be really good to get any traction. As we've mentioned before, great content is good – good content is useless. That means cheaply made things aren't even worth the modest cost of making them.


But that doesn't mean you can't pull off good, effective content marketing with a shoestring budget. You just have to be more strategic with its creation. Focus your efforts on creating one fantastic piece, then "upcycle" it.

Low budget content marketing

What does "upcycle" mean and how do you do whatever that is to your blog post or video?


Salma Jafri explained all this in a presentation called "How to Upcycle Your Content for Maximum Millage," and we took detailed notes. 

This is how she described her class: 
"It is statistically proven that one of the top challenges content creators face is the constant act of creating new and original content. 


But what if you could create once, and benefit endlessly? That is the power of upcycled content. Content created with the intention of being upcycled can be released in a way that builds momentum via the ripple effect. Each piece of content builds upon the next. And each piece is also a stand-alone article with its own power and SEO juice.


To gain the maximum benefits of upcycling, creators need to work off a content strategy. [...] Releasing new upcycled content saves time for the creator in having to come up with something new while attracting a new audience native to the medium and format. It's a win-win, both for the content creator and the audience that craves information in it's desired format."             


Her full presentation is linked at the end (she is smart and charming, so we definitely recommend watching it) and we've got the key points for you as well. Value and options, y'all!


First off, what is upcycling?

Upcycling is the process of converting content into multiple formats to add value and bring that piece of content into circulation again. You're basically getting more miles out of whatever you are producing. 

And this is huge. 

Because if you can get more out of a piece of content, you can then afford to put the time into making a truly great piece of foundational content. 


Why upcycle content?

  • Allows you to focus on creating your best content
  • "Super fabulous" for SEO
  • Extend your reach without being annoying
  • Respect your audience's learning style (meet them where they are)

Low budget content marketing


How do you upcycle?

Create a great piece of content, then pick a new 

  • Format
  • Platform
  • Vertical
  • Audience
  • Medium

What content best-suited for upcycling?

  • Evergreen
  • Series
  • Authority pieces 

What content is worst-suited for upcycling?

  • Fads
  • Current news or trends
  • mediocre or bad content

How does Salma upcycle?

  1. Post a video to YouTube
  2. Transcribe it and turn it into a blog post
  3. Put video outtakes on Instagram as well as the core point of her video as a quote card
  4. Email followers and include a story or piece of info that others don’t get (ie: unique value)Ex: Jamie Oliver Spaghetti recipe
    The recipe was originally posted as a blog, then as a 9+ min YouTube vid, then a 40 sec version to FB with subtitles. Content appears native to each platform.


Low budget content marketing


What tools does an upcycler need?

  • Designrr – Create ebooks from blog posts
  • Tube2Gram – Convert Youtube videos to MP3 and download clips of Youtube videos in the correct format for easily uploading to Vine and Instagram.
  • PowToon – Animation Showbox – video content
    Salma's full list of tools


Any upcycling tips?

  • Start with your most popular old posts
  • Combine like pieces OR break up bigger pieces.
  • Go short on FB, Insta, Twitter.
  • Create content upgrades on your posts to add subscribers.
  • Understand what works best on each platform.

Low budget content marketing

Like all marketing, you have to keep optimizing. Create, measure, optimize, repeat. If you need more info on upcycling, check out Salma's full presentation here: How to Upcycle Your Content

And if you've ever wondered how this fits into your entire marketing strategy, we've got you covered there, too. Our free marketing audit lets you see how healthy your current approach is, what tools you should be using, and how. 

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