Episode 3: Move Ya Brass & Robin Barnes

Robin Barnes’ spirit barely fits in her body.

You can hear it when she talks and you can’t miss it when she sings. As the “Songbird of New Orleans,” this spirit gives her notes a vibrancy that has gotten her noticed around the world and here at home where she is the headliner at the Windsor Court Hotel (The Polo Club Lounge) and the Hotel Monteleone (The Carousel Bar & Lounge).

But her brand goes far beyond what she does with a mic.

In 2014, Robin was diagnosed with kidney disease. Rather than let it get her down, she used it to spread an important message to her city and especially her fellow musicians: take care of yourself, get moving, and make your health a priority in your life.

Where her spirit gave her songs power, in this message it brought a surge of positive energy that helped create a city-wide movement and a new brand.

Fit by You and Move Ya Brass represents many things, but rather than listen to us try to explain it and why it’s such an important message in this city – why don’t you just check out the Songbird herself below.


And if you’ve never heard Robin perform, skip the YouTube videos, check out her music site here for when she’s playing next and go catch her live show. Whether through her sound or her spirit, she’ll get you moving – it’s kind of her thing.

If you’d like to join Robin and her Move Ya Brass running group, they meet every Monday at 6pm at the Crescent Park stairs on Mandeville Street. 

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