5-Minute Read: The Sales Copy Headline Formula

No time for an intro, let's get right to it.

The Sales Copy Headline Formula

The Sales Copy Headline Formula: 
Audience + Benefit + Time - Objection 

Audience: Identify who your message is for and get their attention.

  • Demographics
  • Get to know them socially
  • Learn how they have interacted with your brand
  • Know them psychologically, how they think/feel/believe

You're not going to write a good headline if you don't know and understand the target of that headline. 

Benefit: A big promise in your headline gets attention fast. Make it about them.

People can neglect or forget their pain points. Sometimes you have to remind them to bring their pain back up to an urgent level so they take action. (This sounds harsh, but we're not talking about actual pain. We're talking about a problem we can help solve.)

Tell them what will happen if this problem goes unsolved. Paint a bleak picture of their life without your solution. Or, flip it: Show them their life with your solution.

Show them the way out. Talk about yourself. Toot your own horn. When using testimonials, give lots of proof the testimonial is real (name, email address, link to their site.)

Features are what it is, benefits are why that matters. “Get <feature> so that you can <benefit>.” Then push for that sale by telling them exactly what to do.

Time: Do not let them walk away without their solution.

This is a standard tactic in sales calls or in-person selling, but it translates well to sales copy, too.

You have to give deadlines, calls to urgency, "only 4 left... now... today..."

Objections: Never waste an objection

Objections are treasure. The more of them you know, the more ways you have to address them. Test headlines that go after different objections to find the best approach. 

Is that a lot to pack into one headline? Oh yeah. But the more of those elements you get into your headline, the better it will be. And you still have a subhead to work with. Pack both of those with the right elements and you'll see why The Sales Copy Headline Formula is such a powerful copywriting hack. 

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