Immediate Gratification: Quick Steps for Higher Conversion Rates

The Unholy Power of Conversion Rate Optimization is a blog series that will give people the tools and knowledge they need to convert more visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Immediate Gratification: Quick Steps for Higher Conversion Rates – the Unholy Power of CRO

Knowledge doesn't get you a damn thing.

This series is full of powerful information that left sitting on a dusty shelf in your mind is worth less than the paper this blog isn't printed on. So if we're going to prove the vast potential of Conversion Rate Optimization, we must get you to act.

Seeing as you're here, reading this post right now, it would appear we have some skill at getting people to take action. 

This post has CRO tips that are specifically selected to be actionable. If you put just one single tip into action, it's progress. So when you see something that you can do right now  – go do it. Don't wait. Don't read another word. Just go do it.

On to the Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Stop Hiding Your Value Prop 

Don't wait to tell people why you're better than your competition. If you have a powerful and clear value prop, bust it out early. We're talking above the fold, 2nd thing you read, early. 

And if you don't have a clear and powerful value prop, go fix that. Now.  

Zappos – Conversion Rate Optimization

Zappos knows what's up. Their value prop is the very first thing on the page and they rake in $2b a year. Those two things are not unrelated.  

Test Headlines/Subject Lines

A/B testing is a cornerstone of Conversion Rate Optimization and it's easier than it seems. Try this: Take that email you were writing and clone it (make a copy.) Now, leaving everything else the same, write one subject line that is practical, value-driven, and on the second, write a subject line that appeals to emotion. 

Send the two versions to half your list. Then, when one subject line gets more opens, switch to the version that works better and send to the second half of your list. 


Let's look at your site together.

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Move Your CTA Up

We see sites, emails, and blogs that wait until the very end to push their readers to act. And often, it's too late. They're gone. 

Bump your call to action up to the middle or higher and watch that conversion rate lift.  

Logitech Getting Higher Conversion Rates

You can't miss the CTA on Logitech's wonderfully optimized site. There is no confusion about where you're supposed to click. 

Try Different CTAs

Speaking of your call to action, you should be trying different colors and language. Your CTA is what all of your effort is about – a little effort optimizing it can mean a huge boost in conversions. 

Quick Steps for Higher Conversion Rates 

No big deal, just a 90% increase in clicks by changing one word.
Click the image to read izideo's great article on CTAs. 


Two offers is too many. Nails only work when you hammer in the point. Every landing page, email, or blog should have one thing you drive home.

The Logitech example under Tip #3 is also a perfect example of the power of simplicity. 

Be Clearer

Go through your content. If you can be clearer, do it. Your reader has a million things going on and doesn't really care about what you have to say. Clarity converts better. 

Most Stock Photos Are Trash

You know those pictures of people smiling while using a computer in a bright, empty house? Of course you do, because you've seen it 100 times. That picture is trash and being willing to use such low quality imagery doesn't say anything good about your company. 

Invest some time in finding images that don't suck.

And stop being so literal with your image choices. Be a little abstract or metaphorical with your image choice to make it more interesting. 


This. Don't use this. Or anything that looks like this.  

Hurry! Use Urgency Now. 

The one thing people don't wait to do is procrastinate. Shake them out of this inclination with an incentive to act now. "10% if you order today", "only 3 left", "free shipping for the next 4 hours." 

For an example of this, visit just about every single page on Amazon. 

Reduce Friction

If it takes 5 clicks to buy from you, find a way to make that number 4. Shorten your forms, reduce the amount people have to read – make it as easy as possible for people to give you their money. 

Another thing Amazon is fantastic at. Their one-click purchase is a huge reason the site sells over $100,000 every minute. 

If Visitors Aren't Clicking – Get Better Visitors

People miss this one all the time. And it's so simple. 

If you're getting traffic but no clicks, rethink where the traffic is coming from. Spend a little more time thinking about what you're offering, who would be excited to see your CTA, and where there hang out online. Then go find them and get your page or post in front of them. 

So don't be afraid to get a few unsubscribe notifications. Your email list should be full of people who like your brand, are interested in what you sell, or at least have some interest in your industry. If not, you're better off parting ways. You'll end up with higher conversion rates to show for it. 

Make It (More) Personal

This has the potential to be the polar opposite of a "quick tip," but by breaking it down into a small task you do everyday, you can keep it managable. 

Generic messages don't motivate much action. Personalized messages do. This is why it's vital to spend a few minutes every day doing some reaserach, getting to know your customer better, and making incremental updates to your copy as you do. 

If you find out that the persona you're trying to reach is a CEO that's also on nonprofit boards, start finding ways to fold in altruism into your messaging. 

Alternatively, if you find out that she is the CMO of a company that is probably going through some serious belt tightening, dial up the value message. 

Do whatever you can to make your work seem personalized. 

Buttons That Look Like Buttons

If your CTA blends in, it isn't getting clicked. 

Make it look like a button. Make it stand out. Make it big and bright with arrows poitning at it if you have to.

We're all for brand standards. Love em. But your CTAs should not match the rest of your page. They should stand out, be unavoidable, unignorable.  

Higher Conversion Rates

Great copy with a button that stands out. Brb, giving all my money to the ASPCA.


I did all that and my conversion rates are still low. What gives?

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you might just have bad content or a crappy page or some offer that no one is going to want no matter how much you bedazzle it. 

But before you drill two bottles of red wine and wobble over to the Craigslist job board, consider this: We can fix it. 

It really is that easy. And consultations are free. Let's chat.