Story Block + New Orleans Entrepreneur Week

Story Block is a small team with a big mission.


Simply put, we’re going to elevate marketing in New Orleans and beyond.


Sure it sounds a little grandiose and a little strange – who wants the competition to get better? – but when our industry gets better, people trust marketing and marketers more. And because of that, we get better talent and better results.

When our businesses succeeds, so does our community.

That means we’re skipping work that’s cutting edge just for the sake of being cutting edge, breezing right past high-minded and completely ineffectual award show fodder, and we're never going to make websites that are as beautiful as they are hard to use.


Instead, we only make work that works and we stay on the lookout for like-minded accomplices.


New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, besides for being an amazing event we’ve long been huge fans of, appeared to be just the partner we were looking for.


The team at NOEW aims high and works extremely hard to elevate “the locally relevant and globally significant – with a firm belief that trends in the New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem reflect on larger global issues and vice versa.”


That right there is the gooey center of the cinnamon roll. The good stuff. The stuff that gets us going and excited about work today and tomorrow.


Now quite a few of those tomorrows will include us working with the NOEW team to elevate a wide range of things and people and ideas. We’ll be helping out with their digital strategy, promoting NOEW 2017 (taking place March 19th - 24th), creating all kind of content, running their social feeds, and programming 4 hours of NOEW events on Wed march 27th.


The entire Story Block team is beyond thrilled to be a Summit Sponsor of an event like NOEW that makes us all better, smarter, and ready to elevate marketing in this city and beyond. 


Registration for NOEW is free – so grab your tickets now.

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week


Stay Tuned

We're working on finalizing a lineup of incredible marketing minds for the Story Block NOEW event and will have some big news on that front soon. So if you're not following us on Facebook – you're missing a lot more than just marketing insights. 

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