Story Block Onboarding: A Better Way to Begin

Marketing agencies are weird, man.

It seems obvious that the way you begin a relationship with a client will set the tone for the rest of the relationship. It also seems obvious that you need to know where you're going and why before you start rowing the boat.

And yet, with some strange slight of hand or hypnotic SlideRocket deck, they're able to convince clients across America to give them a big sack of cash in exchange for a shiny new campaign that's going to really drive those metrics mentioned in the RFP.

How do they know enough about the target audience to create something worth all that cash? What metrics are they going to monitor to know what's working, what's not, and why? And how does this campaign fit within the current buyer's journey these customers are already taking?

"Well, uh, did we show you that SlideRocket deck?"

These young Thundercats want to run off and make expensive, award-show bait before they get to know you, your customers, your customer's buyer's journeys. They "get the gist of it" and hit the beanbags for a brainstorm sesh.

There is a better way. And we call it onboarding.

Story Block Onboarding

Running before we know where we're going never appealed to us. The work stands little chance of being effective which spells bad news for the client's budget. We spend the first month of the relationship getting a comprehensive look at where your brand is now, who your customer is, and where you’re going. We ask questions that uncover the best ways to not only find leads but to close them too. Other questions get even more high level as we look at the operation as a whole to ensure all business systems are aligned to maximize sales.

Process pt.1
Process pt.2

Story Block's onboarding breaks this down into four "chapters" that give us a 360º understanding of your brand, customers, goals, challenges, sales process, and more.

Chapter 1: Kickoff

We start with the basics: who your customers are, why they pick you, why they don't pick you, what sets you apart, what the competition is doing, and more. This sets the stage for the following chapters where we dig deep for the insights that will make everything we do for you strategic and impactful.

Chapter 2: Goals & Target Audience

This chapter is all about you. We want to know your brand inside and out. We ask about your brand promise, your story, strengths, weaknesses, voice, what a marketing qualified lead looks like, what a sales qualified lead looks like, and more. By the time this chapter is over, our clients know their own brand better than ever.

Chapter 3: Audits & Benchmarking

Next up is a look at what kind of marketing you've been doing and how's it's been working. How many emails did you send last month? Last year? What are your open rates? What is your marketing budget breakdown? What has been working for you? What hasn't? Why? How much traffic does your site get? How much does it need to get? We'll use these numbers to set benchmarks to measure your success.

Chapter 4: Content Development

This is the fun part. In this stage, we present all the insights we've uncovered through the first three chapters and your first three months of campaigns that will start moving you towards those goals you mention in our first meeting. Naturally, these campaigns will come with KPIs (key performance indicators) that we'll use to measure the success of what we've created because (and any marketing agency people reading this might want to listen carefully here) everything we do is backed up with data.

You'll have plenty of time to review, run it all up the flagpole and request changes before we get to work building your campaigns. With that plan approved, we're ready to roll. We begin building your first three months of campaigns, setting KPIs, and creating the content you need. Sample Growth Track:

Sample Growth Track

By month four, we've got real data on your campaigns that we can use to optimize the following campaigns. We can shift efforts as needed and begin to optimize every piece we create for you to ensure it drives the results you hired us to deliver.

If you read this and thought "Why didn't my agency do this?" let's set up some time to chat. They're not bad people. They're just weird, man.

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