The Best Conversion Optimization Tools

You know that feeling when you walk through a hardware store and think of all the stuff you could build with the gleaming tools on the shelves?

This blog post is that hardware store – but instead of a backsplash or a new deck, these tools will help you build email lists, SEO scores, conversion rates, and sales.

But before you shop, you should probably know what these Conversion Optimization tools do.

The Unholy Power of CRO – The Best Conversion Optimization Tools 

Conversion Optimization Tool School

Analytics Analyzers

These tools help you collect and understand data on your website. Where is your traffic coming from? Are your visitors using their laptops or phones? What kind of phones are they using? How long are they spending on your site? Which pages are they leaving your site from?

Get answers to all of this via your site’s analytics.

Heat Map

These visualizations of where your visitors click help you decide where to put buttons, where to put copy, and where to have white space.

Keyword Analyzers

When creating content, you want a topic with enough search traffic to justify your efforts (if no one is searching it, you’re not going to get a lot of clicks), but you also want to pick a phrase you can actually rank for. Ideally, you want high search volume and low competition, but finding both is rare. Keyword analyzers will help you find the right balance and suggest similar words that can help you pick the perfect headline.

Feedback Collection

Analytics can be complicated. The easiest way to find out what your visitors like and dislike about your site is to simply ask them. Feedback collection tools let you do this in a number of unobtrusive ways that visitors are often happy to oblige.

The essential tools for
Conversion Rate Optimization


With a solid free offering and a truly impressive enterprise package, SumoMe should be your first stop when CRO tool shopping.

List builders, heat maps, sharing apps, site analytics and lots more powerful tools that are pretty darn easy to use.

Sign up for one of their free webinars to see them in action.

The Best CRO Tools - SumoMe


No, all the tools on this list do not have names as great as SumoMe and Hotjar. They also do not have the all-in-one approach of these two, either.

Hotjar, like SumoMe, gives you a full suite of impressive CRO tools. Heat maps, visitors recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls, surveys, and more make this site hugely popular for people trying to increase their site’s performance.

The Best CRO Tools - Hotjar


We talked about MOZ founder Rand Fishkin in our blog about who to follow for CRO knowledge, so it should be no surprise to see his site on this list.

MOZ offers a bunch of tools for SEO, local marketing, content marketing, and social media management.

The site also has all kinds of free resources, so it’s worth bookmarking.

The Best CRO Tools - MOZ


There’s a reason Hootsuite is the most popular tool for managing social media marketing. It simplifies you life while upping your social marketing considerably. Manage your networks, schedule posts, view in-depth analytics, monitor everything being said about your brands or your industry, and more.

Check out this beginners guide to get you started.


Testing what works for your audience is the only way to really ensure your site is working as hard as it could be. VWO makes it pretty darn simple to utilize testing to get the most conversions and at just $9 a month, the price is well-worth it. (Note: Educate yourself about testing and make a plan before you commit to a tool.)

The Best CRO Tools - VWO

Google Analytics

Good ole' Google Analytics is a must for anyone who manages a website. Learn it. Live it. Love it. There’s gold in them there data!

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