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The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Outside Marketing Department

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Does your business have a marketing department? How many people work in it? Are they constantly rushing from fire to fire? What does a new hire cost? Asking yourself these questions can help you decide whether it’s better to hire your own marketing team, or outsource to an agency that offers expertise in multiple marketing areasThere are a few posts about the pros and cons of this important decision, but none share how to mitigate the cons of working with an outside marketing team. Here's our take.

Pros of Hiring Outside Marketers

the pros of hiring an outside marketing department

Here’s the obvious truth: An agency that specializes in marketing (especially one that specializes in tracking and measuring results) should be able to offer solid results right off the bat. Hiring a full-time employee, however, means that that person might need some time to get onboarded with your company, and even to finish training for your unique way of doing business.


In addition, full-service marketing firms have tools you may not.  From current design software, to stock photo library access, to its own social media audience.  These resources can be an enormous boon to your marketing results that you wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. 


Say the work you need done is temporary or seasonal, like a holiday promotion campaign or a website redesign. In these cases, it’s better to work with an outside firm than to hire an employee.


An outside perspective can also be incredibly helpful when it comes to prioritizing your business goals. At Story Block, we believe your marketing firm should be your ally and adviser when it comes to buckling down, defining goals, and identifying the best tools to achieve them. We'll even give you the resources to do it yourself if you're not ready to meet. Grab our free marketing self audit to take a tough look at your marketing efforts. Maybe your strategy is built for today's customers. Maybe not. If you don't know, an outside agency can help you find out, fix it, and keep it evolving as quickly as your customers are. 


Cons of Hiring Outside Marketers

the cons of hiring an ourside marketing agency

The grounds for hiring an outside marketing firm are pretty compelling, so why wouldn’t you want to work with one? 


Well first off, your marketer might not know your business as well as you do. This unfamiliarity can result in mixed messages when you explain your goals; work that doesn’t quite hit the mark; and ultimately, poor results from your marketing investment.


At Story Block, we make sure that the onboarding process involves actually getting to know our new clients, so their marketing results match the company’s personality while reaching business goals. 


Another reason companies might shy away from hiring an outside firm: They want their marketing department to be accessible at all times. There’s certainly something to be said for walking into your marketing director’s office and having a chat about an in-progress project. And anyone who’s waited on an email-chain response for days or weeks can testify that the bigger a project is, the slower it sometimes moves.


This is a big decision. A wrong step in either direction can cost you dearly. So take your time, talk to as many people as you can – including marketing firms – and be sure you have the full picture before you commit. 


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