Episode 5: What You Give Will Grow

Thomas Morstead is best known for an epic ambush.

Trailing by four at the start of the second half of Super Bowl XLIV, Saints coach Sean Payton called on Morstead, his rookie punter, to execute a play that fails around 74% of the time: The Onside Kick.

The Saints caught the Colts off guard, recovered the kick, took the momentum and never looked back as they went on to win their first Super Bowl.

Thomas had earned his place in the city’s history and in the hearts of every Who Dat long deprived of that one shining moment atop the world.

But a funny thing began to happen. The more the people of New Orleans heaped praise on Thomas, the more he felt he owed the city. The love people gave grew into something that couldn’t be ignored. Thomas felt he had to find a way to give it back, to keep it going and growing.

The words of his late coach and mentor, Frank Gansz, became prophetic: “What you give will grow. What you keep, you loose.”

Thomas started What You Give Will Grow to give back to the city and honor his coach’s legacy. The organization has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local causes and organizations in the New Orleans and Gulf South community with a focus on children and/or cancer initiatives.

What You Give Will Grow has given hundreds of children life-changing experiences, gotten them out of the hospital, and helped them to enjoy life. They’ve participated in the Prom of Champions, The Cancer Walk for Children's Hospital, Game Day Heroes, NOLA Give Day, Feed The Children, and many more.

The love shown by Saints fans had grown into something big and wonderful. The reverberations continue to shake this city and state with continued kindnesses that are changing the lives of the people who need it most.  And the Morstead family has no plans on slowing down.

Watch Thomas talk about what motivates him, what the city means to him, and how Steve Gleason inspires him.

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