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Choosing and Pairing Fonts: 7 Rules of Typography, backed by Psychology
May 8, 2018
David Katz

Simple Psych for Complex Marketers

This blog post is part of a series on how to use what we know about the human mind and its penchant for simplicity to make our marketing better, our designs more pleasant, and our lives simpler. If you’re coming across this series for the first time, you may also want to check out the rest of the content by clicking here.

Choosing and pairing fonts for your presence on the web doesn't have to be hard if you follow these simple, clear-cut rules.

Writing Awareness Stage Content for Your Brand's Future Hero
April 3, 2018
Kevin O'Sullivan

Stories are the legs with which we navigate the world around us. They connect us to the people around us through shared experiences and passions. Everyone loves a good David and Goliath story. That’s why during the 2016 World Series, everyone, even people who could care less about baseball, was rooting for the Chicago Cubs, the eternal underdogs.

The Secrets of Storytellers: Why Stories are Better Than Stats
October 31, 2017
Barrett Macgowan

Aesop would've been great at marketing.

Remember The Boy Who Cried Wolf? The young shepherd who repeatedly tricks villagers into believing that wolves have come into the field after the sheep. Then, when wolves actually show up, no one believes him and the shepard gets eaten.

Aesop told this tale some 2,600 years ago (620 BC!) and kids today still know the dangers of lying as "crying wolf."

Why don't parents just tell kids "people are 13% less likely to believe you after each time they catch you in a lie"?

Because stories work better.  

The questions then becomes why are stories better than stats and what are we supposed to do about it?

5-Minute Read: The Sales Copy Headline Formula
October 18, 2017
Barrett Macgowan

No time for an intro, let's get right to it.

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