What Mac's New OS Means for Marketers: A Breakdown of High Sierra

Big changes are coming to the 100 million active Mac users. Changes that dramatically alter the way ads reach them – or, more accurately, don't reach them.

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What Mac's New OS Means for Marketers: A Breakdown of High Sierra

Apple recently released High Sierra, a new operating system for Macs users that brings some major changes: New image editing capabilities, a new file structure that allows for much faster access to your files, and big changes to Safari like increased speed and a privacy protecting feature that stops advertisers from tracking your movements across the web.

Did you catch that last note? Because it's a huge deal for anyone running ads online.

Up to 100 million Mac users will no longer be able to be served re-targeted ads. (Although the real number will be somewhat lower as not every Mac user will update to High Sierra and not all use Safari.)

The new Safari will also stop ads from auto-playing.

While both of these updates are great for users, if you're a digital marketer, you'll need to make some sound strategic moves to account for these changes.

Digital Marketing in the High Sierra World

It would be foolish to write these changes off for only affecting some users of one operating system. Once a major browser offers these kinds of consumer-friendly features, others will follow. The smarter approach is to understand them and begin preparing now.

What to do About the Inability to Re-target

Spend that money on Facebook: Facebook gives you all kinds of tracking abilities that (as far as we know) won't/can't be affected by High Sierra. All it takes is one 30-minute meeting with us to get your Facebook strategy straight.

Improve your SEO: Re-targeting ads are great for attracting traffic to your site. You know what else is great for getting traffic? SE– oh, you already knew that because the answer was right there in bold? Ok, well, did you know that we have a great plan to improve your SEO over the course of just 5 lunches?

Invest in better content: This is the big sea change that started long before this OS roll out. When consumers have 24/7 access to the entire internet, they have all the power – not the advertisers. So if you want to lure customers in, you have to create content that people actually want to see. Content that is entertaining, helpful, and not overly ad-like.

We've written extensively about this:

Warning for all those thinking of shifting their budget into more content marketing: Doing so without a full plan –from attract to delight –is an awful way to waste a lot of money. (Seriously, you could buy a $25,000 taco instead and at least you'd get some great Instagram fodder out of the deal.)

Here's a quick guide to building that plan.

It's technically a "marketing self audit" but either way, you're getting a quick, easy, and free way to identify all the stages and tools you need to be familiar with to get legit results from content marketing.

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These changes aren't so scary when you know how to counter them. And if you start now, you'll be one step ahead of most of your competition. If you want someone to talk through this process with, just holler at us.