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Benefits out the wazoo

We know the value of happy, healthy humans who love what they do.

Boss mode: Activated

Everyone who works at Story Block Media is a boss at what they do.

            Boss (adj.): Incredibly awesome; miraculous; great


           (n): In a video game, the big enemy at the end of the level

- Urban Dictionary

We’re more about getting results than passing the buck. We know what we need to get done, and we do it.*

We tried really hard to keep the phrase "Work hard, play hard" out of this section.

That’s why we offer benefits like...

  • Ability to work from home
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • 100% paid healthcare (including vision and dental)
  • Team activities and trips
  • Winestorm Thursdays

We’re always looking for other bosses to join our team.

Holler at us

If Story Block sounds like the place for you, drop us your email address and get ready for a fun little adventure.