Why is content so important?

Done right, content is your #1 way to demonstrate expertise in your field. It’s your #1 way to offer your prospects the information they’re looking for. It even helps bring people to your website.

And, paired with smart inbound marketing strategy, content can help turn your leads into customers without the hard sell.


Content Creation


It’s a good bet that when someone talks about “content” in a general sense, they’re thinking of blogs. Often written informally, these bad boys are usually meant to educate or provide information. Listicles, how-to articles, step-by-step guides, and interviews are a few popular blog formats.


If content is crucial, and a picture is worth 1,000 words, then photography is Defcon 1-level important. Even though most of us have cameras on our smartphones, most of us can also tell the difference between a professional photo and a homegrown snapshot. Great photography can be the difference between making a $500 sale and a $5,000 sale. People are hungry for gorgeous pictures. Feed them.


In the age of autoplay and Attention Deficit Disorder, video is a top way to get your message out. What can you do to avoid losing your viewers in the first 30 seconds of your video (when most people click pause or close the tab)? Cut all the extra stuff out. Start with the most important thing you have to say.

White Papers

Before you read the words “white paper,” then yawn and wander away, you should know that the best white papers are snappy, engaging, and well-designed. A white paper is more formal and longer than a blog post. It addresses an issue in-depth, and usually involves a fair amount of research. White papers are some of the most successful content offers, because they’re so meaty.

Social Media

Too often, social media is an afterthought. After all, if you’re spending all this time creating mindblowing blogs and heavily researched white papers, who has time to craft a string of witty Facebook posts? (We do! We do! Oooh, pick us.) But social media posts (and targeted ads) are important for the very reason that if your audience doesn’t *know* about your content, they’ll never see it. You need social media to bring your audience to your site. After all, if a tree falls in the forest…

Ready to level up?

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