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About this HubSpot
Partner thing

 We (continue to) put in a lot of work to make sure you get the best marketing results.

What's a HubSpot, and why should you care?

Check out our fancy badge! It lets Internetters like you know that Story Block Media is the real deal when it comes to inbound marketing.

HubSpot is the all-in-one marketing and sales platform that we recommend to clients with ambitious goals (and we use it ourselves!). It ties together content creation, social post publishing, email marketing, and a host of other features so that you can see the results of your marketing campaigns at a glance.

Why do we recommend HubSpot over other solutions? While it's possible to execute a successful inbound marketing strategy using a combination of software products and platforms, HubSpot is the only platform that tracks ROI across all of your marketing and sales efforts. Because it's all-in-one, it's easy to see what's working and what can be improved. Plus, the back end offers built-in tools to gauge untapped marketing opportunities. 

All the hoops we jumped through to get certified

HubSpot Partner Agency certification involves a few things. First, our team members needed to gain their HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certifications. No problem--that's what we do here, after all. HubSpot inbound training reviews the tenets of inbound marketing, sales integrations, and buyer psychology. (We could talk about this all day if you let us.)

Anyone can get HubSpot Inbound certified. Learn more about that here.

And then, another hoop

After we got our inbound certifications, at least one Story Block Media staffer was required to pass the HubSpot Partner Certification test. This intensive course makes sure that the agency is familiar with the HubSpot platform's ins and outs. After all, how could we recommend HubSpot to clients if we didn't know how to use it ourselves?

The Partner Certification also included an in-depth examination of our agency's operations--from service pricing and billing practices to account management, and even staffing. HubSpot doesn't allow their name to be used with just any marketing firm. We see this part of the Partner Certification process as third-party proof that our processes are built around our clients' success.

How can we lose our certification?

Our HubSpot Inbound and Partner Certifications are reviewed yearly to ensure that we stay on top of inbound marketing best practices, and help our clients take advantage of what works best.

In fact, client success is tied into our Partner Certification by way of a benchmarking metric called CHI (Customer Happiness Index). If we're not delivering the goods for our customers, HubSpot could take away our certification. 

Our promise to you

We solemnly pledge to you, our loyal current and/or potential future clients, that:

  • We will always stay up to date on best practices...
  • ...and apply them to your marketing strategy where they make sense
  • We will base our work on measurable goals--and stay accountable to those goals
  • We will have a damn good time working together

Get together with us to talk about how you can make your marketing smarter. It seems like your logical next step, doesn't it?Book Consultation