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The King Lives

Traditional marketing ain't nothing but a hound dog.

You know what you never see on the Bestseller List? Textbooks. 

We love to learn, but big blocks of dry text are no fun. There are no characters, no twists, no love, no laughs – and that’s all the good stuff.

So when we needed to explain Inbound Marketing, we said someone else can go write the textbook. We’re Story Block Media, we’re writing a story. A story about Elvis, and tamales, and Birdman, and Inbound Marketing.



Ch.1 The Tamale Diet

Branson, Missouri is confusing as hell, man.

I went up there for a few weeks in August of ‘77 to get my ticker looked at and got lost on the way home. Before I know it, all these folks said my heart gave out while I was on the john. 



Ch. 2 An Albino Chicken and a Master Plan

If I’m gonna move out of this ramshackle motel and back into Graceland, I need to get my marketing plan polished so it all works together. I need to set goals, identify my target customers (or “personas”), and make a plan for creating content that will convert folks from strangers all the way to customers.



Ch.3 Mr. Man

The car is packed, Juanita is pretty sober, and it's only 100 degrees in New Orleans right now. If we can leave before noon, we'll get there in time to eat at Dooky Chase.


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