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What is inbound sales?

We're glad you asked. 


Real company-wide growth comes from full marketing and sales team alignment. Inbound sales is the processes, technology, and content that does just that to maximize your organization's selling potential.

Get together. Raise the bar. Let's go. 

Selling is a team sport.

Organizations that demolish their sales goals have marketing and sales teams that are gears in the same watch. Open communications, constant improvement, and closed-loop reporting systems are easy goals to set, but very hard to hit.

If marketing and sales aren’t in sync – sales will suffer and the team will struggle. So break down those sales and marketing silos, squash the finger pointing about which side is to blame for the lagging numbers, and get your teams rowing in the same direction with sales enablement.

CRM Implementation

There’s a reason most CRMs cost a fortune. It’s the most powerful tool for managing clients, analyzing customer interactions, and collecting data throughout the sales process. Having all that information in a centralized location is invaluable. But only if it's set up right and your team is using it efficiently. Let Story Block create your CRM accounts, set up users and permissions, create custom properties, set up lead views, define deal stages and more so your team can focus on closing deals.   

Speaking of which, here are some of the most important tools you can use to attract the right users:

Lead-Routing.pngLead Routing. Automatically assigning high quality leads to the right sales rep so your team can spend less time searching for leads and more time closing deals.

Intergrations.pngIntegrations. We know that your operations are made up of many systems. From proposal to productions platforms, we'll help tie them all together so automation can occur where possible, leaving your team free to build better relationships.

Reporting2.pngReporting. The quickest way to harvest those valuable insights from your CRM is to agree on a set of standardized sales reports. Reporting needs are different for each company, but somecommon reports are deals won and lost, activities logged by salespeople, and demos delivered. 

Sales & Marketing Alignment

“Seamless” isn’t a word people often use to describe the relationship between their marketing and sales teams. Misalignment plagues even the biggest organizations despite their best efforts. But that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable. To get there, communications, technology, process, and even definitions all have to be optimized with alignment in mind.

Let's get your team rowing in the same direction

Sales-and-Marketing-SLA.pngSales & Marketing SLAs. It's easy to talk about sales and marketing alignment, but creating the service level agreements between the two are where rubber meets road. SLA creation brings marketing and a sales leaders together to set roles, responsibilities, process, targets and accountability. 

MQL-and-SQL.pngMQL & SQL Definition. What constitutes a marketing qualified lead? Sales qualfied lead? Establishing these two definitions is the first step to ensuring a smooth lead handoff from marketing to sales. 

Buyer-Profiles-and-Personas.pngBuyer Profiles & Personas. It's nearly impossible to motivate someone to do anything if you don't know who they are and what they care about. Accurate buyer profiles and personas are crucial in everything from content development to knowing what to say at the closing table. 

Lead-Scoring.pngLead Scoring. Not all leads are created equal. Some are ready to buy right this second, some are going to drag their feet for a few months. This is normal, but a metric to gauge this is far less common. Lead scoring gives you this number so you can prioritize and strategize accordingly. 

Sales Enablement

Giving your sales team an easily accessible library of effective tools, emails, and white papers they can deploy at a moment's notice is a significant asset. With sales enablement, we take a deep dive into your sales process, look for the sales stages where leads are getting stuck and create resources to fix it. As the name indicates, this frees your team to focus on relationships and sell more.  

Content that works well for converting leads into customers includes:

Sequences.pngSequences. Send a series of automated emails to your prospect that help you stay top of mind through the entire sales process. Choose from a list of messages, enroll a contact right from your inbox, tailor each message, choose exactly when it gets sent, and free your team to focus on bigger things. 

Email-&-Call-Templates.pngEmail & Call Templates. Turn your most effective and repetitive sales emails and calls into templates that you can personalize, optimize, and share with your team.

Content-Strategy.pngContent Strategy. Case studies, sales collateral, email templates, and more can be powerful sales enablement tools. But they need a sound strategy guiding their development.

Dropoffs.pngIdentify Dropoffs. Every sales funnel has some leaks. By looking at conversion rates for each stage, handoff, and conversion point – we can identify the places where you lose the most sales. And, naturally, the places where a little optimization will result in big increases in close rates.