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Official New Orleans Entrepreneur Week Blog

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week presented by IBERIABANK

About NOEW

From March 19th-24th, New Orleans will be serving up a cocktail of innovation, entrepreneurship, and culture that you can’t find anywhere else on the globe.

NOEW 2017 offers entrepreneurs, and non-entrepreneurs alike the chance to learn from the brightest minds from brands like GE, Dell, Netflix, Slack, Yelp, The Clinton Foundation, and many more – for a ticket price of $0.00.

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Curating the Black Millennial Voice: Insights from Blavity’s Lisa Atia

Blavity can be defined as a tech company for forward thinking Black Millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo. In many ways, they reflect an audience that shapes the opinions and sentiments of America’s Millennial audience.

We interviewed Lisa Atia, Blavity’s Creative Brand Strategist, to get an idea of how the platform found success, the unique vantage point provided by Snapchat, and new influencers that she’s excited about.

NOLA Thought Leaders Share Their #BoldMoves

Being bold enough to create a brand new festival in New Orleans with my husband is a dream come true.

Bring Your Magic to the Table: Diversity in the New Orleans Workforce


People around the world often say New Orleans exists in its own space and time, immersed in a magical bubble. It exists in the deep South, yet bucks so many traditions against what it means to be southern. It’s nearly 300 years old, yet manages a unique sense of contemporary progression and modernization. Look no further than the iconic brow of Anthony Davis looming over the I-10 corridor, extolling a message of equality, related to the recent NBA All-Star initiative. Yes, this place has the magic.  

Your New Orleans Start-Up Needs a Digital First Marketing Strategy

One of my favorite parts of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is the variety and number of business ideas you hear.

As a marketing agency CEO, there are two things I notice  no matter the pitch.

First, that everyone needs advertising (feel free to start a competing agency, reader – there’s plenty of room in town.) The second is the crazy amount of choices these soon-to-be business owners have to make.

NOEW 2017: The Perfect Cocktail of Work and Play

There are two sides to New Orleans.

The first is the city everyone knows: Neon signs, brass bands, beignets, and a constant celebration that seems to thrive with or without a reason.

The second is the new New Orleans: one with San Francisco-style tech innovation and a dash of New York-esque big business mindset. With a startup rate that’s 64% higher than the national average, New Orleans now has the brains and ambition to rival its culinary prowess.


11 Reasons Why Investors Are Coming to New Orleans' Entrepreneur Week

If you’re an investor mulling whether NOEW 2017 is worth you time, here’s our elevator pitch:

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week Headliners

Spring is special in New Orleans. 

Those fleeting few months when the city is both sunny and cool are cherished by locals and tourists alike. Crawfish season overlaps with festival season, creating a uniquely joyful stretch of the calendar bracketed by Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

The Goods: NOEW Early Registration Perks

Conferences are expensive.

Spend a few minutes looking around at a few of the big innovation and entrepreneur conferences and you’ll see price tags that go well over $1000.

With New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, we took a different approach.

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We are a full-funnel inbound marketing agency in the heart of NOLA, a lean team on a mission to elevate marketing in this city and beyond. Becoming a premiere sponsor of NOEW is one way we could do just that and the reason this blog is hosted here.

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