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Never pay for agency time again.

With our Plot Point Pricing system, you pay for deliverables – not hours.

What's a plot point? ›

Paying by the hour is bleeding your budget. 

Consider the difference in skill and experience between a junior graphic designer and a senior designer. Say it takes the junior designer five hours to complete a project. The senior designer might be able to complete that same project in one hour. 

Do you want to pay for that junior designer to get her sea legs? No. You want to pay for a great finished product.

Our goal is to make the process of working together as quick and easy as possible. That's why we don't believe in charging clients based on the time we spend--because any wasted time is our fault. We only charge for accomplishments. Talk about self-motivation.

Our Plot Point Pricing system

Story Block Media Plot Point Pricing SystemMany marketing firms charge based on the time their staff members spend on a given project. While that works for some people, it didn't work for us. We'd rather offer clients flexibility along with financial surety.

Simply put, we wanted to give clients the option to expand and contract project scope, while knowing exactly what their bill would be.

Enter the Plot Point Pricing system. Our three main marketing packages--Good, Better, and Best--are built on Plot Points, not hours spent. Each point has a set value; the more points your package contains, the less you pay for each point.

Points can be traded in for every type of deliverable Story Block Media offers, including but not limited to blog posts, email newsletters, ad campaigns, social media posts, press releases, landing pages, calls to action, website reviews, SEO optimization sessions...you get the, er, point.

* What's Premium Content? These types of content are more research and labor-intensive than other types of content--think of the difference between creating an e-book and a blog post.

12 months perfectly plotted

During your onboarding process, we work with you to map out exactly where your Plot Points will be used over the course of your yearlong marketing plan.

Want to add an extra blog here or an extra campaign there? Purchase as many additional Plot Points as you like. Your points also roll over from month to month, so if you want to lay low for one month and then launch an extra-large effort the next, we can help you do that.

Plot Points are a simple, elegant way to make sure your story never stops. Schedule your consultation now to start your new marketing plan.

Start plotting with us.