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Never pay for agency time again.


With our Point Pricing system, you pay for deliverables – not hours.


Paying by the hour is a shoddy deal

One question prompted us to switch to points based pricing; who is paying for our inefficiencies? In an hourly contract, the client does. And we don’t think that’s good business.
Consider the difference in skill and experience between a junior graphic designer and a senior designer. Say it takes the junior designer five hours to complete a project. The senior designer might be able to complete that same project in one hour.
Do you want to pay for that junior designer to get her sea legs? No. You want to pay for a great finished product.

Our goal is to make the process of working together as quick and easy as possible.

That's why we don't believe in charging clients based on the time we spend--because any wasted time is our fault. We only charge for accomplishments. Talk about self-motivation.


What points based pricing offers that hourly doesn’t is flexibility. With points, we are able to listen to the data that we collect so that we can re-chart our course of action so that we’re not stuck creating content that doesn’t deliver results.


When we see a path that leads to better growth for your business, we want to be able to change plans without wasting your money. But we’re not flexible because it’s easier, we’re flexible because it wins.

Introducing Points-based Pricing

Our pricing strategy offers clients flexibility, transparency and financial peace of mind. We want to give our clients the option to expand and contract project scope and know exactly what their billing would be.
That’s what our points are all about. Our Plot Point Pricing system has three main packages — Good, better, and best — and they all stem from the value of points in the package, not hours spent. Each point has a set value; the more points you have in the package, the less you pay for each point.
Points can be traded in for every type of deliverable Story Block offers, including but not limited to blog posts, email newsletters, ad campaigns, social media posts, press releases, landing pages, calls to action, website reviews, SEO optimization sessions...you get the, er, point.


Points Roll Over
  • You won’t lose points you don’t spend. Want to lay low one month and then launch an extra-large effort the next, you can do that.
Unconditional Transparency
  • Know exactly what each project will cost before you even ask for it with our pricing matrix.

Get Points with Story Block

The power of our growth strategy is about taking from all of the pieces of the inbound food pyramid and scaling your sales and marketing impact with intention and full-vigor. Building a predictive revenue system takes data-proved planning, flexibility and the passion to utilize all of our tools to optimize your business’s success.

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