Laser-focused on your goals, our process is built to optimize your investment with every effort.

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The first two stages of our process, Onboarding and Story, set the foundations of our work cadence.


Nice to Meet You.

Let's kick our soon-to-be incredible relationship off on the right foot.


We start diving into what it is that defines your company's identity. Buyer personas are developed, team members are introduced, and systems and content are audited. This is when you give us the keys to your data and benchmarks, and we introduce you to your client dashboard.

Unbridled Creativity

With a strong grasp of who you are and the problems to be solved, we enter a brainstorming session in which restrictions just aren’t allowed. As in, the word “no” leaves our vocabulary. We think outside of boxes and dive into the stories that inspire your future campaigns and projects.




The next four phases create a cycle of continuous improvement.



The Recipe for Success

Overviews with outlines for each deliverable are made for your final approval. We lay out exactly what it takes and what the end product looks like with an eye on timelines and measures of success, which are defined by the KPIs we set during this phase..

Nose to the Grindstone

The plan is set, and now it’s time to create. Our team of strategists, creatives, and developers build the content, systems, or integrations required to solve your problem. Reviews are built into the timeline to ensure a great product is made.





Ready. Set. Launch!

At this point, it’s time for the world to see our work. Campaigns get published, processes are implemented, and websites get launched.

Look back. Move forward.

We don't believe in arguing over questions you can prove in data. Every project is judged against the KPIs we've defined as barometers for success. We see what didn't work and we look to improve in the next cycle.




The big picture of a retainer with Story Block:

Each phase educates the next, and phases run concurrently to optimize production.

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ROI and plans for the next year are discussed between months 9 and 10
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