Process Cubes


Onboard. Plan. Build. Execute. Analyze. Repeat.


We build operating systems that allow us to take your industry knowledge and build a collaborative system for growth.


It’s your business and you’ve got big dreams. We don’t want to guess what your goals are or the vision you have for your business. So, in our first meeting, we build the foundation of our relationship so that we are moving forward in the direction you have in mind. We start by setting goals for your success, building your ideal customer personas, scheduling a meeting calendar, introducing our alignment dashboard and creating a blueprint to make your dreams real and measurable.

This stage is about getting a 10,000 ft view. Before we move forward in designing the most impactful marketing and sales strategy for your business we need to collect the data. That means we’ll be looking at:

  • Brand Strategy - market analysis, SWOT analysis etc.
  • Brand Guide - brand purpose, goals, mission, voice, look etc.
  • Personas & Buyer’s Journey - definition of marketing qualified leads (mqls) and sales qualified leads (sqls)

You’ll hear questions like: What’s your customer’s biggest pain point? What were your sales goals for the year? Why do your customers choose you? We also get all necessary passwords, give you timelines for the rest of the process, and plan our meeting schedule for the first few months of the partnership.


With your goals, personas and brand voice in hand, we get the wheels turning. We collect and study all of your performance metrics, creating a data backbone by which we strategize a creative game plan to reach and exceed your goals.

Story Block plans the campaigns that will help achieve your goals and sets the KPIs (key performance indicators) that will be used to measure the success of the campaign. When we meet, we’ll discuss our deliverables. We’ll cover our campaign overviews; covering data-centered marketing tools like persona tracks, SEO, lead nurturing and technology stacks. Then we’ll walk through our personalized automation map outlining the course we are about to chart together.


Our build stage is a collaborative process where we work closely based on your notes and ideas to create striking outlines and start creating everything from web design to marketing strategy. We use our insane attention to detail to write and assemble impeccable content, and revise it until it is perfect. During this stage you’ll have time to review and approve before the campaign moves into the execute phase.


After the go-ahead, we begin our series of scheduling content and building automation workflows. Once the wheels are in motion, we immediately begin tracking the performance of how the changes we make and the content we put out are performing for future optimization.


During our routine analysis check-ins we bring you in-depth reporting that measures the performance of your campaign against the KPIs (key performance indicators) set in the plan phase. We are set on tracking our campaigns and standing them up against your business goals. Through the insights gained through this process and in our meetings with you, we sharpen our content and designs to best suit what you and your audience finds the most value so that each step forward we are able to provide better growth.

All Together Now

And then we start all over again with new insights and stronger growth potential. It’s this growth track that sets the foundation for predictive revenue. The iterative process of continuous, data-backed improvements optimizes your business’s scalability and its ability to sustain it. The whole process looks a lot like this.


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