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Selling is a
team sport.

The organizations that demolish their sales goals have marketing and sales teams that are gears in the same watch. Open communications, constant improvement, and closed-loop reporting systems are easy (and important) goals to set, but very hard to hit. 

Sales Enablement is the Future »

If marketing and sales aren’t in sync – sales will suffer and the team will struggle. So break down those sales and marketing silos, squash the finger pointing about which side is to blame for the lagging numbers, and focus on getting your teams rowing in the same direction.

Sales enablement gets your teams rowing in the same direction.

What is Sales Enablement?

whitedoublequotationmark-left.pngHubSpot says it’s “the process of equipping the sales team with the right knowledge and content for every interaction with buyers.”

whitedoublequotationmark-left.pngOracle says it’s the act of “providing sales with insights into buyer motivations, behavior, and activity to help boost their results.”

We say sure, all of that.

But Sales Enablement isn’t just what marketing does for sales. It’s also what sales does for marketing – ie: providing info and feedback that the marketing team can then use to generate better leads and create more effective materials for sales.

In short, Sales Enablement is a symbiotic relationship between marketing and sales that helps the organization achieve their goals, stand out from the competition, and close deals.


One thing Sales Enablement is not, is easy.

Aligning marketing and sales takes a lot of work. And even when you invest those hours, some still find it nearly impossible to align the content marketing produces with the stages of their sales process.

Deals get stuck in the sales funnel all the time. Leads request a proposal and are never heard from again, or they get up from the negotiating table and disappear forever.

Why? Well, that’s hard to say.

Sales Enablement Problems – Story Block Media

And that’s one of the biggest problems: Many organizations don’t know which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

One of the least surprising pitfalls of Sales Enablement is forecasting. You can’t expect a great batting average when predicting the future, but you should at least base your forecasts on data. Instead, many organizations seem to simply guess. Others let their agenda set the expectations.

Both cases can have devastating repercussions as bad forecasts mean bad plans and bad strategies.

Our Approach / Solutions

The philosophy: Being helpful is very persuasive.

If you’re willing and able to help me before I’m even a paying customer, I’m going to assume you could help me a whole lot more if I hired you. And I would’ve come to that conclusion on my own – making it a much more powerful idea.

“Ok, so how can I be more helpful to my leads?”

Now you’re asking the big questions. Closer questions.

Being helpful means sending or offering leads the right stuff at the right time. To do this, sales and marketing need to be meeting weekly to talk about results, what’s working, what’s not, what questions leads are asking at which stages, and generally working together to combine their respective knowledge pools to form a complete picture of each type customer. Once you’ve established your reps as helpful rather than pushy, the conversations with leads changes dramatically.

So let us help you with Sales Enablement.

Let’s chat about how your sales goals and how we think you can knock them out of the park. Request a Consultation