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Damn, we're good.

The Story Block Engine is our way of making sure that social good is more than just one of our business goals. It's tied into our operating model.

Two ways to get involved ›

Lots of businesses give back.

We built charitable giving into our business model. But we didn’t want our community contributions to amount to a few line-item tax writeoffs at the end of the year.

The Story Block Engine combines creative professionals looking for work space with nonprofits looking for marketing help.

Calling community-conscious creatives

The second or third time your cat knocks over your coffee, or you discover that you’ve somehow wasted 35 minutes on Facebook, you’re probably thinking, “I need an office space.”

The Story Block Media office is open for business. We’re in downtown New Orleans, right next to the Superdome, and we’re looking for business-minded independent creatives who want to work on worthy causes.

Some of the nonprofits you could work with include:


Nonprofits in need, we hear you

If you’re understaffed and overworked, you might be a nonprofit director.

You know the importance of responsive, clean web design and engaging content marketing—but you never have the time to get all your ducks in a row.

Some interesting things for you to know:

  • 37 percent of nonprofits don’t send a single email within 30 days of an interested volunteer or donor signing up for their newsletter.
  • 75 percent of donors spend less than 2 hours researching causes before deciding where they’re going to give.
  • Nonprofits with responsive websites and donation forms saw a 34 percent conversion rate increase.

You need a marketing partner, but it’s not in your budget.

Until now.

When you become part of the Story Block Engine, you pay a deeply discounted rate for the same expertise that all of our for-profit clients love so much.

Your marketing gets a boost, and a local creative professional gets an office space immersed in creative energy.


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