Who We Are

Our Culture is Our Story


Story Block 6

Story Block was born in a glorious blaze of pixels and tracking.

Today, we're building something big.

Our bottom line isn’t a number, it’s the knowledge that we made things a little better for people who needed it. And with our team’s business acumen combined, we can make real change that uplifts, comforts, and continues to grow the global community around us.

Our Core Values

Our values are foundational to the well-being of our organization.  We look for them in potential additions to the team and clients alike. The results are amazing - a team that loves coming to work, and clients that love the work we produce. 
Strive for Client SuccessStrive for
Partner Success

Our team is constantly aiming to raise the bar. You grow, we grow, the entire community grows.

Lean In
Lean In

Lead with your ideas, make your voice heard, and have difficult conversations.

Show Compassion
Show Compassion

Compassion is empathy in action. We champion compassion in the office and with our clients.

Self-Motivated w PassionSelf-Motivated
with Passion

Our team doesn't wait for instructions. We charter the path forward.

Socially ResponsibleSocially

Striving for a triple bottom line – for our clients, our own business, and our community. 

No Assholes

No Assholes

Our culture comes first. This is the standard for our employees and clients both.

Meet the Team

Our lineup of experts really packs a punch. No matter the problem, we can handle it.



Dennis Lomonaco
Chief Executive Officer


Val McKay
Chief Operations Officer


Keegan Brown
Chief Technology Officer

Lindsey Mitchell
Account Manager


David Katz
Inbound Marketer


Doug Alexander
Project Manager

Ryan Miller
Full-Stack Developer


Rushing Haise
Visual Designer


Kevin O'Sullivan
Inbound Marketer
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